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Questions about Moderation & Board Scope on The LemonFool

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Questions about Moderation & Board Scope on The LemonFool


Postby Clariman » September 20th, 2021, 5:51 pm

General discussions about Moderation policies and activities are not permitted on the site. This has been the case for some time, but the rules have just been updated to make this clear. Individual posters may query individual moderation decisions in Room 101 - viewforum.php?f=91. Discussion of moderation elsewhere is not permitted and will be deleted, including in Lemon Fool -- Improve the Recipe. Further guidance below.

The LemonFool could not function without the generous support of its small band of volunteer moderators. Their efforts provide an environment where users can discuss a wide variety of financial and other topics, in a largely polite, spam-free and troll-free environment. The quality of discussion here is high and that is the way we wish to keep it for the benefit of all users. Lengthy discussions on moderation makes their job even harder and more time-consuming.

Individual moderation decisions
If you are unhappy with or don’t understand an individual moderation decision, you can request an explanation from a Moderator by Private Message. Moderators do not have to explain their actions, but they generally reply to polite requests, while ignoring impolite ones. Moderators will NOT enter into debates with you about moderation - you will receive one explanation or clarification. If you are unhappy with the answer, do not take it personally. Remember that moderators are volunteers, doing their best to maintain the site for your and everyone else’s benefit. They will not get it right every time.

If you are still unhappy and want to escalate, you can post your issue on the “Room 101” board which will be managed by the site’s 3 Administrators – Stooz (co-owner), Clariman (co-owner) and Redsturgeon (Admin/Moderator). They will monitor the board and respond appropriately – either on the board or by PM. Again, there is no intention to engage in lengthy debates. Other users should not join in the Room 101 topics. Only the Original Poster and the Admins should do so. Other posts will be removed.

Discussion on the scope of an individual board
If you have a sensible question or suggestion about the scope of an individual board, then you can open a discussion on the board in question (provided the board-specific rules allow for such discussion*) or you can post about it in Lemon Fool -- Improve the Recipe. Discussing it on the individual board will allow you to discuss it amongst fellow users of that board and is a good way of trying to achieve a consensus. However, if the discussion is becoming a distraction from the board's day to day use, then a Moderator may move the discussion to Lemon Fool - Improve the Recipe. If the discussion becomes impolite or off-topic it will be locked by a moderator.

*for the avoidance of doubt, no scope discussion is permitted on HYP-Practical. That may only be discussed in Lemon Fool - Improve the Recipe.

General Discussions on Moderation
If you wish to discuss the nature of Moderation in general, send a PM to Stooz and Clariman who will take note of what you say. They may discuss it with the other Moderator(s) and will make a decision whether to take any action. There is no board for general moderation discussions, but that does not mean we do not value feedback on moderation. We do value feedback, but PM is the appropriate mechanism for it. Thanks.

We understand that moderation decisions can upset some people, but it is imperative that any issues are raised politely and by using the routes listed above. Room 101 is NOT intended to be used for general moderation discussions. It is for specific moderation decisions which you want to escalate AFTER having first raised privately with the Moderator involved. General moderation discussions in Room 101 will be removed or locked.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding
Clariman & Stooz

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