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Sainsbury's Bank Bad Mistake

Posted: October 1st, 2020, 9:17 am
by feder1
Several months ago I logged onto my online savings a/c correctly. I very rarely used this a/c.

After getting a letter dated 1st Sept 2020 telling that they were pruning dead accounts through inactivity, I tried to login to close the a/c but could not get access. The requirement was to do something before 9 Oct or the a/c would be closed.

Over several weeks, I desperately tried every possible means of internet access unsuccessfully, but I finally obtained a telephone number (08085405060) and was told told that in May 2020 the bank had done an update and DELETED my a/c because there was another a/c with the same username!


After a "discussion" they finally located the funds and allowed me to close the a/c.

Warning: this sort of "c**k*p" could be virtually a criminal action?