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Time Poor - Shortcuts?

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Re: Time Poor - Shortcuts?


Postby UncleEbenezer » July 31st, 2019, 2:14 pm

BusyBumbleBee wrote:
UncleEbenezer wrote:I save a lot of time by having blackberries in the garden. On the other hand, the effort in keeping them down probably cancels that out - so the real benefit is the better taste.

Hi UncleE - are these in your new house?

Nope, they're the old house. Which is rented - if I owned it I'd've devoted a lot more garden to providing for the kitchen!

The new one sadly has no outdoor space except the balcony, so it'll be back to gathering blackberries from the hedgerows :cry: . Though having said that, it's superbly located over the river, which provides the scene outside both the living room and the main bedroom.

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Re: Time Poor - Shortcuts?


Postby AF62 » August 3rd, 2019, 2:29 pm

vrdiver wrote:And just remembered a third provider: TV licence. I'm sure I could figure out a cheaper way to watch what I want to on TV legally but I happen to like the BBC and the concept that advertising doesn't set the agenda. Slightly off topic, but it's probably one that most of keep for the convenience!

Very easily done these days with all the free catch-up services you can legally watch, and the streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, NowTV, etc) which are cheaper than the TV licence. The worth watching BBC stuff tends to turn up on the streaming services anyway, as lots of the BBC content isn't actually produced by the BBC anymore.

And if you want to save time by not watching the adverts on the free catch-up services then a Raspberry Pi with Pi-Hole installed makes them disappear.

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