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5% off Asda shopping

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5% off Asda shopping


Postby vrdiver » October 17th, 2019, 4:19 pm

If you shop in Asda anyway, they have started to stock their Christmas savings cards which offer a £15 bonus if you deposit £280, roughly equivalent to a 5% discount on your shopping. Smaller bonuses are available (minimum £1 on £30 put on card) but the best rate of return is for the £280 deposit.

From my housekeeping records I know what I spend in Asda each month, so I will probably buy a year's worth of cards (£280 on each) to maximise the bonus. I'll treat them as "near cash" in terms of my cash safety buffer, so it's a nice way to get a boost on rainy-day money.

You can register the card(s) online at which allows you to declare it lost/stolen and transfer the balance to a replacement if necessary. You can add cash on-line or in-store (I prefer to do it on-line as the cashiers can get a bit :shock: if you try and load a few cards at the same time).

Last year I bought about four month's worth and used them without any problems.


(no connection with Asda except as a customer)

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