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HSBC FY Results

For discussion of the practicalities of setting up and operating income-portfolios which follow the HYP Group Guidelines. READ Guidelines before posting
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Re: HBSC FY Results


Postby kempiejon » February 23rd, 2017, 9:03 am

monabri wrote:You are only overweight because you haven't yet topped up the other shares to balance !

That is quite true, but as a caution to our readers, it's worth focusing on one of the cores of the strategy - diversification to help minimise risk. Last time I over-weighted a sector thinking I could balance out later on it caught me out and might have impacted a bit less if I'd stuck to the diversification guideline rather than hunting the bargains, I'll remember that and not go that overweight in a sector/company level again. As a builder it's possible to guide the balance along the way but having been caught overweight in banks I'll not go that path again.

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HSBC(HSBA) Dividend £/$ rate


Postby OZYU » March 27th, 2017, 11:19 pm

Some might not have seen this today, or I might have missed the relevant posting: ... 72653.html

The 21 cents will turn into 16.6757p(14.7908p last year), £/$ rate of 1.259319


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