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Remortgaging - Business Friendly Providers?

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Remortgaging - Business Friendly Providers?


Postby neversay » March 6th, 2018, 3:18 pm

Do others here have recommendations on the most business-friendly mortgage providers for LTD company owners?

My recollection last time around (2015) was that going directly, and via an independent mortgage advisor, was a very time-consuming process as each provider wanted a slightly different 'cut' of financial information from us according to their own rules or underwriter questions. Since then I think there are even more hoops to jump through.

FWIW I'm also burned by a memory a few years back of a 'computer says no' moment when HSBC said no to a mortgage as, despite being financial sound/very low LTV etc, our accountant had persuaded us three-years earlier to take a very small loss for tax reasons. I will never forget the walk of shame out of the bank and HSBC practically asking for the coffee and half-eaten biscuit back that they had given me on the way in!

This time around it would be wonderful to cut straight to the best providers and with the right information in-hand.

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