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quality vs cost?

your favourite tipple - wine, beer, spirits
Lemon Quarter
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Re: quality vs cost?


Postby gryffron » August 2nd, 2020, 12:08 pm

Yet another rec from me for the wine society. They don't sell anything bad. Their selection boxes can be awesome.

The wine society is also a cooperative owned by its members. You can't sell your membership, but it forms part of your estate when you die. So not only do you get excellent wine, it's even a good investment.

France has plenty of good cheap wine. All the rubbish gets shipped to British supermarkets! Which isn't to say that ALL the wine in British supermarkets is bad. But the cheap stuff is truly awful.


Lemon Quarter
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Re: quality vs cost?


Postby 88V8 » August 6th, 2020, 8:41 pm

We generally buy in the £5/7 range and I can't recall the last duffer.

How? Find a wine critic whose taste buds match yours and follow them.
In our case, Jane McQuitty who writes in The Times.

Not to say we wouldn't appreciate her more elevated choices, but why bother....

One thing, we only drink with a meal.
Wine alone, that might make a difference.


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