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Annual Review

Pull up a chair, have a biscuit - discuss the site and general questions about the LemonFool
Lemon Quarter
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Re: Annual Review


Postby mc2fool » August 14th, 2018, 8:37 am

redsturgeon wrote:
PinkDalek wrote:
redsturgeon wrote:I can see that information by clicking on "members" on the footer, not sure if everyone can

"Members" is available to me at the foot and also via the Quick links drop down. Might not be so easy or visible on a smartphone. Even so, I'm unsure what information you are saying is available via that route.

Via the Footer and Quick links I see Username - Rank - Posts - Joined - all sortable.

Do "Global Moderators" see more than those four headers?

Yes, I also see "last active".


And can you sort by that? If so it'd only take you a couple of moments to be able to tell us how many haven't been active for over, e.g., a month, three months, and a year. ;)

Site Admin
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Re: Annual Review


Postby stooz » August 15th, 2018, 9:16 pm

I do have access to accurate stats that can be drilled down to a date range - I will dig them out and post images of the charts it shows.

In short its pretty static. plenty of accounts are dormantas they are spam accounts with no intention of being used and instantly shutdown by automated tools. A lot are also "lurkers" happy to read and then not used when they appreciate they dont need to remain logged in to read messages.

Lemon Half
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Re: Annual Review


Postby Lootman » August 15th, 2018, 9:25 pm

mc2fool wrote:
tjh290633 wrote:There is probably a cookie that knows when we last visited the site, so that could identify unused usernames.

FYI, cookies are stored on the user's system but the site does know when you last visited anyway.

This it true. I delete cookies upon every signoff, and yet the "New Posts" dropdown option always works as I would expect it to i.e. it accurately shows all new posts since I last signed off.

If I close the window without signing off, it doesn't refresh.

Lemon Quarter
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Re: Annual Review


Postby PinkDalek » August 24th, 2018, 1:34 pm

Pendrainllwyn wrote:Lemon Fools (LF's) ...

For those who may have missed it, there's a Poll here Poll - Where are you primarily based? which was started in May 2018 and where, up to now, 144 Fools have voted. The Poll remains open and one can amend your vote should you move between the places shown.

My target is for at least 200 Fools to vote but I've no idea if this will ever be achieved.

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