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Important Information on Moderation – and changes to the Biscuit Bar

Pull up a chair, have a biscuit - discuss the site and general questions about the LemonFool
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Important Information on Moderation – and changes to the Biscuit Bar


Postby Clariman » September 4th, 2018, 3:15 pm

Discussions on Moderation are only permitted on the new Room 101 board viewforum.php?f=91. Any discussion of moderation elsewhere is no longer permitted and will be deleted, including in the Biscuit Bar.

The LemonFool could not function without the generous support of its small band of volunteer moderators. Their efforts provide an environment where users can discuss a wide variety of financial and other topics, in a largely polite, spam-free and troll-free environment. The quality of discussion here is high and that is the way we wish to keep it for the benefit of all users.

We accept that we may not get moderation decisions right 100% of the time and that some users get upset if their post have been deleted or edited. For this reason, we have allowed some discussion of moderation on the Biscuit Bar - and Moderators are often prepared to enter into that discussion. However, the level of criticism of moderation as a whole, and of specific moderators, has been out of order. Therefore these new rules and guidelines come into immediate effect.

  • If you are unhappy with or don’t understand a moderation decision, you can request a clarification or explanation from a Moderator by Private Message. Moderators do not have to explain their actions, but we anticipate that they will reply to polite requests, if and when they have time. Impolite messages will be ignored.
  • Moderators will NOT enter into debates with you about moderation. You will receive one explanation or clarification.
  • If you are unhappy with the answer, take a step back. Do not take the decisions personally and remember that moderators are volunteers who are doing their best to maintain the site for your and everyone else’s benefit. They will not get it right every time. Forgive or forget -and then move on.
  • If you are still unhappy, then you have one route and one route only to take it further. You can post your issue on the new “Room 101” board which will be managed by the site’s 3 Administrators – Stooz (co-owner), Clariman (co-owner) and Redsturgeon (Moderator). They will monitor the board and respond appropriately – either on the board or by PM. Again, there is no intention to engage in lengthy debates.
  • “Room 101” may also be used when an argument between 2 or more posters is acting as a distraction on a board. The moderators may request that the discussion be moved to Room 101. For those who knew The Motley Fool website, it would be akin to their Civil Discussion Forum.

In addition to the above, Moderators and Admin will be taking a more robust approach to users who repeatedly break the site rules.

Thanks for your support and understanding
Clariman & Stooz

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