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Important Change to Site Rules/Ts & Cs

Posted: November 26th, 2020, 11:14 am
by Clariman
To bring The Lemon Fool (TLF) into line with similar sites (e.g. The Motley Fool,, and to clarify the status of user generated content, we have added a new term in our Ts & Cs/Rules. By continuing to post on TLF you are granting Lemonfool Ltd a license to use that content in accordance with the new terms. This has no material effect on the running of the site, other than to remove any potential obligation to delete a user's posts if the user requests it. The full text of the new term is the first bullet point in the Copyright Rules section here Note that the Site Rules have been restructured to group all Copyright-related rules under a new Copyright heading. Only the first item is new and nothing else has changed.

Stooz and Clariman