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RULES - Clarification on Quoting 3rd party sources on TLF

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RULES - Clarification on Quoting 3rd party sources on TLF


Postby Clariman » August 18th, 2017, 12:06 pm

Since a minor change was made to TLF's Rules (to reflect the fact that some websites' Ts & Cs prevented quotation of any text), there has been a great deal of discussion and misunderstanding. Some of this has taken place on the Public Boards and some between the site's owners and Moderators. TLF sought to reassure members that the minor rule change would make little difference in reality. However, it is evident that further clarification and reassurance is needed.

TLF will continue to allow the posting of short quotations from 3rd party resources under the principles of "Fair Dealing", provided that a URL link to the original source is provided. We will base this on published UK Government "Exceptions to Copyright" Guidance as defined here

TLF's rules have been updated to reflect this position. Please make sure you read and understand the whole statement below ...
Please respect copyright holders and the applicable laws. You, as users, are the initial defence against copyright infringement so please be careful. Where LemonFool considers that the copyright of others may be infringed, posts may be edited or deleted without warning. In general, it is acceptable to quote a short extract from another source, under the "fair dealing" exception, provided due credit is given and a URL link to the originating site is provided (or citation if no URL is available). However, copying large sections of text from elsewhere is likely to infringe copyright. Some websites seek to allow no quoting of any text, and it is the user's responsibility to comply with copyright law. Please note that many images are also copyright material. For Gov.UK guidance on "fair dealing" exceptions please refer to . The LemonFool will not ordinarily enter into discussion over moderation decisions in this respect, and moderators are likely to err on the side of caution."

For the avoidance of doubt, TLF will abide by the UK Government's guidance, irrespective of the quotation's source. However, if challenged by the copyright owner, TLF may still decide to remove the quoted text. We will treat it on a case by case basis.

It is clear from all the contributions and discussion that many TLF members feel passionately about the site. We thank you for your interest, support and opinions - and remind you that those who support the site and its objectives can also support it via the donation button app.php/donate

Moderator Message:
This position has been arrived at after a great deal of discussion, thought and research, so no further discussion will be entered into at this stage. Thank you for your understanding. Clariman and Stooz

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