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Caution: Lloyds Platinum balance transfer deal

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Caution: Lloyds Platinum balance transfer deal


Postby tsr2 » September 10th, 2017, 10:34 am

I needed some short term cash and I picked the Lloyds Platinum card as the combination of a 0.59% effective balance transfer fee and £20 cash back should make it effectively free.

The 0.59% effective fee was an initial 3% fee with 2.41% refunded later. When I made a transfer the fee came up as 2.5% soI was a little concerned that it did not match the expected fee. On ringing LLoyds they said I was on a straight 2.5% fee with no refunds or cash back. They were very helpful and refunded my BT fee and gave me some compensation for the inconvenience.

I am quite happy with the resolution, this post is just to warn anyone else taking this deal to check that they have got the deal they expect.

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