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Octopus Apollo VCT to raise up to £30 million

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Octopus Apollo VCT to raise up to £30 million


Postby BusyBumbleBee » May 16th, 2019, 11:20 am

Octopus Apollo VCT plans to raise £20 million but can go up to £30 million

This is extracted from the Weathclub website ... aunch+2019

The Octopus Apollo VCT has been through a few iterations over its lifespan. Originally launched as Octopus Apollo VCT 3 in 2007, it has since merged with six other VCTs including Octopus VCT 2 and Octopus Eclipse VCT to create the VCT in its current form in 2016.

Historically and until recently, the VCT pursued a cautious investment strategy. It invested in more established and often already profitable companies rather than startups. In addition, most of the investments also included a secured debt element with pre-agreed interest payments, which could generate a more reliable income stream than equity investments and support dividends.

However, changes to the VCT rules introduced in November 2015 meant those types of deals are no longer allowed for new investments (the changes do not affect existing investments).

While a significant disruption to Apollo’s original strategy, the investment team has taken a measured approach to revamp the portfolio.

I wonder if other Fools can see the positives in this - cos I can't?

The I looked at the last report published on 8th May and saw
On a total return basis, after adding back the 3.1p of dividends paid in
the year, the NAV has decreased 0.8%. The NAV plus cumulative dividends
has decreased from 118.6p per share as at 31 January 2018 to 118.2p per
share as at 31 January 2019.


And then I looked here ... LSE%3AOAP3 and looked at the graph etc

My guess is that they will still fill the full £30 million.

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Re: Octopus Apollo VCT to raise up to £30 million


Postby Kidman » May 16th, 2019, 3:46 pm

WealthClub wrote:Originally launched as Octopus Apollo VCT 3 in 2007,
and prior to launch registered as Octopus Protected VCT plc but the then FSA outlawed such names!
BusyBumbleBee wrote:My guess is that they will still fill the full £30 million.
I'm sure they will. Octopus have a decent overall track record and they work very hard with IFAs.
I believe that many of their Titan success stories would qualify under current rules.

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