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Cityfalcon, has anybody heard of them?

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Cityfalcon, has anybody heard of them?


Postby Tzvikmister » May 15th, 2019, 1:31 pm

So I was looking for tools that could aggregate lots of pieces into one place (especially my phone), and I ran into this app called Cityfalcon. These guys claim that they aggregate financial news based on my interests (companies, stocks, commodities etc.) and they show news relevancy based on my behaviour (they call it natural language processing & understanding)... from all kinds of sites, social medias, tweets, researches etc.
I started playing with both their site (you need to sign up for free in order to play with their lists) and their mobile app (I'm using Android and it looks good, pretty intuitive) and it seems like a cool place to gather all relevant pieces for me in one place.
Has any of you familiar with this app? Can you share some tips to improve my usage? Or do you know any better tools to use?

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