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Britain's most married man...

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Britain's most married man...


Postby Snorvey » December 7th, 2017, 11:17 am

Ron Sheppard was stunned by the breakup of his ninth marriage, but hasn't ruled out a tenth wedding

To borrow a line from last weeks Have I got News For You, we can now pinpoint the time where Mr Shappard discovered the internet.....

Wife No1: Margaret in 1966. Had three kids and divorced after two years.

Wife No2: Jeanette, 1973. Lasted one year.

Wife No3: Lesley, 1976. Had two boys. Ron left in 1981.

Wife No4: Kathy, 1982. Had one daughter.

Wife No5: Sue, 1986. They had two sons, but she threw him out in 1997.

Wife No6: Usha, 1999. Ended after four years.

Wife No7: Wan, 2003. She left to go home to Bangkok after eight months.

Wife No8: Weng, 2004. Split up in 2015.

And wife No.9 Cristel, who 'Ran Away' ... s-11513089

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Re: Britain's most married man...


Postby didds » December 7th, 2017, 11:25 am

It's just not news though is it?

Still then again its the Mirror [1]


[1] other drivelsheets with unreadable websites are available

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Re: Britain's most married man...


Postby Rhyd6 » December 7th, 2017, 4:56 pm

I find it really good excercise for the brain to read the Daily Mail online, I love finding their spelling mistakes, word inventions and grammatical errors and I'm by no means a pedant. Drivel yes, but hidden away you often come across some little gems and best of all it's free.


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