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When is residency, residency?

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Re: When is residency, residency?


Postby Lootman » August 19th, 2020, 1:45 pm

spasmodicus wrote: I have come to believe that, although huge amounts of detailed personal information are held by various agencies in all countries, this information is not freely exchanged between them, if at all. The reason is not as one may have hoped because of citizen's rights to data protection, but because nearly all such government agencies are stupendously bureaucratic and obstructive and control the access to the data they hold as a way of preserving the status quo and their own jobs and power.

No doubt that is a factor within a country. Along with ancient computer systems that cannot easily talk to each other.

But internationally it becomes even harder as there is no consistent way of identifying someone across borders. in the UK the closest to a national identifier is your national insurance number, but no foreign country is going to know anything about that. In the US it is the social security number. Presumably Spain and the Ukraine have something similar. But how could those countries ever share data with each other when they can't even identify you as being the same person?

So every new application for something effectively starts from scratch each time, with the entity relying on the information that the individual gives them, right or wrong.

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Re: When is residency, residency?


Postby NomoneyNohoney » September 7th, 2020, 4:37 pm

Coming to this a bit late, but want to add my own situation.

I am dual-nationality, UK and one non-EU nationality.
When I enter the UK, I use my British passport, same when I leave.

When I enter my other country, I show the passport of that country.
Usually, the foreign immigration officials potter back and forth, and then ask to see my British passport (which I'd not mentioned to them.)
They invariably put a foreign entry stamp into both passports, and that's that.

My guess i that simply, they get a list sent to them by fax or email, of names, passport numbers and nationalities on incoming flights, and then realise that I'm showing a different one to that which I used to exit UK. They stamp both passports, and everyone is happy.

That passenger list they email, could well be a long-term record of arrivals and departures. If I recall the early days, to be non-resident in the UK, you had to be outside the UK for minimum 270 days per tax year, and in the UK for maximum 90 days per tax years.

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