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Hattrick Season 72

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Re: Hattrick Season 72


Postby Eastheath » September 10th, 2019, 7:19 am

I'm losing the plot at the moment. Was in 5th, and away to 7th, thought I had a decent chance of nicking this one, but fell to a 3-0 defeat. They are now in 5th and we are down to 6th.
5th to 7th are all on 10 pts and the relative safety of 4th position is now 5 pts away. Our last five games were to the bottom teams and we only won one of them, which means our last four games are against the top four and that does not bode well. Winning those last two games was an imperative, would have been the safety valve we needed. But losing those last two games has probably wrecked the season

Next we are home to 4th, dare I say its a six pointer. Oh, just said it.

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Re: Hattrick Season 72


Postby Bink333 » September 16th, 2019, 12:11 pm

Well, that was a tough weekend for England.

On Friday, England (2pts behind) Denmark went to Denmark. Set up was great, we had 52% of the ball at kick off and edged the attack vs defence battle, with their weakest attack sector being in the middle and ours on the right. Unfortunately the ME had other ideas gave them the majority of first half chances and then in the second half palmed us off with 2 chances in our weaker sector, and we lost 4-2, despite being the favourites.

In England, we were in 2nd away to 3rd. Set up was great, we had 52% of the ball at kick off with better attack % then they had. Unfortunately the ME had other ideas, and despite starting with 49% central attack they converted 4/4 chances down the middle to win 4-3 having had 6 chances to 5. We remain 2nd on +14GD to 3rd, but 8pts adrift of the leaders who have won 11/11. They visit Dan Field next.

In Oceania, I'd upgraded with a 26y/o Oceanic quick FTW for £5.3m on the 1st September. 15Sc 13Wg 13Ps, to boost my deafault 5-3-2CA set up (still training Wb in wing skill). His first game the following week saw us draw away to a team outside the top 4 (6th) , which has effectively put an end to our title aspirations. This week the top 4 all were at home to the bottom 4, and all 4 home sides scored 4 goals with the vistors scoring between 0 & 2. Ours was a 0, and my new signing opened the scoring on 9 minutes.

The table now has 4th on 22pts with only bottom 4 teams to play, so should finish on 31.
We are 3rd on 23pts with an away game to 2nd in week 13, and a home game to the leaders in week 14. Could finish on anything between 26-32pts.
2nd are on 23pts as well with +11GD and should finish on 29-32pts (depending on whether they win their game against us).
1st are on 26pts with +8GD over 2nd, so even if they lose to me in week 13 they should finish on 32pts with a superior GD.

In South Africa we won 6-0, remain 2nd, and are 5 points off 1st and 6pts clear of 3rd. We're away to 1st next (who only have bots to play in their other 2 games) and home to 3rd in week 14. We are also +12GD above 3rd so even if we lost both, we could still hold onto 2nd. Our SP taker took a +4 yesterday. I am tracking a possible African player replacement, but may be better served saving up for when I switch away from GK to SP and then Defender training.

Good luck to all with the remaining fixtures.

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Re: Hattrick Season 72


Postby Donut102 » September 16th, 2019, 2:43 pm

Div IV
Playing 7th away from home next week. I should be OK even on a PIC.....

With team confidence on the floor, I decided to go Normal. In hindsight it was overkill, and we thrashed them 6-0. Confidence is up to Wonderful :D

3 games to play. I'm in 5th, 5 points off 4th, and 10 points off 7th. So auto-relegation not a concern.
I play 6th, 1st and 8th in that order. I can't beat 1st, but should be OK on the other games.
Which means I can get a maximum of 6 points - and therefore need 5th to lose all of their remaining games in order to snatch 4th spot.
They play 1st, 3rd and 2nd - and could/ should lose all 3 games.
Now I'm torn - I could play the remaining fixtures as experience training and just accept the qualifier match, or go for 4th spot. Financially I don't think there will be that much between the prize money in 4th vs gate receipt in the qualifier.

Any thoughts ?

Div VI
Bot bashing this week.
I'm in 5th place on 16 points. Both 3rd & 4th have 18 points. I play 4th, 2nd & 3rd.
I need to go for it and try and win against 4th and 3rd to try and get into the prize money - there's no qualification matches down at the bottom.

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Re: Hattrick Season 72


Postby UncleIan » September 17th, 2019, 8:53 am

Donut102 wrote:Now I'm torn - I could play the remaining fixtures as experience training and just accept the qualifier match, or go for 4th spot. Financially I don't think there will be that much between the prize money in 4th vs gate receipt in the qualifier.

Any thoughts ?

5th: You will get a slice more experience in the qualifier though, and start next season with a home game.

This week we were away to 5th, I wasn't brave enough to PIC, and pretty pointless now with my coach's leadership. Lined up in a fairly normal 2-5-3 and went for it. 0-2 at half time, had the lion's share of possession, which only got better when one of their midfielders got crocked on 59 minutes, which swung it even more my way, 1-5 final score.

The wheels have fallen off for 2nd, this week they were at home to seventh, it was basically two massive defences, and matching midfields, and no attack. No seriously, the highest attack percentage was 9%. Somehow though, this wasn't goalless, and they took their second loss in a row, 0-2.

The league has now heavily swung my way, I'm now seven points clear, with three games left that's a pretty tasty lead. We're now four places above the promotion line. It'd be nice, though essentially meaningless, to win all three remaining games and be top of the IV.15 historical standings.

Next week, at home to third place. They're more attack minded, like me, so it should be a goal-fest. Second are away to 8th who only have two points so far and are 11 points behind 7th, surely they must win that.

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