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Hattrick Season 73

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Re: Hattrick Season 73


Postby Donut102 » November 25th, 2019, 2:43 pm

Personally, if your trainees that are stopping these two from getting a place aren't homegrown, I'd flog 'em off, ready or not.

Agreed - but my first XI is now wholly homegrown (other than goalies). I always try and find a spot for my good 'uns, but I'm just full.

Div IV

I was in 4th playing 5th away from home. Last season I won one, drew one (away fixture) so I thought this could be a six-pointer game. However opponent is clearly embarking on a rebuild given his volume of transfers recently, so I sent out the 2nd XI on a PIC.
Final result 3-0 win.

Div VI

First human opponent of the season, at home. Went PIC, and won 3-1.
Next week is the other human opponent - level with me on 15 points, away from home. Key game etc...

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Re: Hattrick Season 73


Postby Donut102 » November 27th, 2019, 3:51 pm

In the Cup this week:

Next week is a little trickier - a high performing Div II team, with very strong attack ratings. I'm training defense, but even with 5 at the back I would not be able to keep a clean sheet. As a result I'm going 253 all out attack, sacrificing a few training slots.

Hmmm. The plan worked, but I also had a fair bit of luck.
My formation experience with 253 wasn't great, which significantly affected my ratings. By the 50th minute we were 2-1 down.
In the 65th minute, a planned stamina sub came on - replacing a Head normal forward with a Powerful one, albeit with 17yrs old and just Solid scoring.
However it now meant I had 2 x Powerful Normal Forwards on the pitch, and opponents lack of stamina was compensating for my lack of formation experience.
We banged in 2 x PNF goals, and one other for good measure to take the score to 4-2. We then survived a negative experience event (opponent had a fistful of NT, U20 and HT Masters players - and I had a 17 year old striker...) to go through to the next round.

Phew! I think it was worth sacrificing the 3 training slots to get the win.

Next week I'm up against Prem opposition, and lose the home ground advantage.
Similar tactics again I think, but much more of a 50:50 game.

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Re: Hattrick Season 73


Postby UncleIan » December 2nd, 2019, 9:10 am

UncleIan wrote:I have a home game which is a definite possible for a win

Shouldn't have said that.

My opponent went out of the cup last week, so should have a cup hangover right? We went for a rather attacking 2-5-3 and decided not to PIC as I don't think anything will help us the next couple of weeks. 86% midfield chances, but their defence was 80:20 to them, and while my central defence was 80:20 to me, wings were more 50/50. Still, you'd have thought on that basis...maybe it was them man marking one of my strikers, anyhoo, we missed a chance, and so did they, then we bagged one for a 1-0 halftime lead. Second half and their unpredictable CD hoofs a long ball over the top for an equaliser. Final score 1-1. Chances were 8-2. I'm feeling a little hard done by it's got to be said. I suppose them only getting a point is better than them getting three.

Other results meant I stayed in third while 2nd and 4th swapped around me, but we're on 9 points and 7th is on 7, and I play 1st away then home, while 6th play the whipping boys for six definite points, but 7th play second, so we may not slip right down the table, but there's a strong chance I'll get zero points over the next three weeks. The honeymoon period will be over.

In the Div. III battle I fluked a draw, I mean, I successfully employed the pressing tactic to limit the game to 0-0, while my league colleagues did the business. For one week only I suspect we're top of the III league battle league! Still 15 of 16 stats-wise apparently.

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Re: Hattrick Season 73


Postby Bink333 » December 2nd, 2019, 12:14 pm

A fairly straightforward training exercise w/e for me.

Spanked a bot 10-0 in England. GK injured +1. Keeps me 3pts clear at the top with +9GD over 2nd.

Won 0-2 in Oceania, keeps me top by 3pts and +2GD over 2nd

Drew 4-4 away to the league leaders in South Africa, after spending £2m on a Nigerian WC IM this week - who scored on his debut. Keeps me in 2nd -3pts and -4GD behind them, and 1pt and +8GD ahead of 3rd. Playing a Prem side in the challenger Cup this week, so the unexpected Cup run is finally going to be over as well.

Oh, and England beat Brazil on Friday, in Brazil. That was sweet!

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Re: Hattrick Season 73


Postby Donut102 » December 3rd, 2019, 10:26 am

Div IV

In 4th place playing 2nd at home. Opponent had demoted from III last season, and is still in the main cup. If they focused on the Cup, I was in with a chance.
However they are just 2 points off the league leader whom they meet next week - so he gave me his big guns.
Final score was 3-4; a somewhat flattering end result for my team.

Next week I play 6th. Last season he beat me twice, and I'm struggling to see how I can salvage a point here. The next two weeks will most likely see me slip down the table...

Div VI

Key game this week. I was in 1st place, playing 2nd away from home. We were both unbeaten in the league so far this season.
I did enough to win 3-1 on a PIN, and keep 1st place.
Now 3 points clear and +10 goal difference. With the return leg at home (and most of the other teams being bots), I felt comfortable enough to celebrate the teams first league trophy with a wee cote du rhone accompanying the lamb hotpot on Sunday night. 8-)

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Re: Hattrick Season 73


Postby Eastheath » December 3rd, 2019, 11:44 am

A 1-3 way win keeps us top, 5 pts clear, GD is now 4 goals short of the autopromote line.
Next week home to 3rd in first of the double headers. Winnable if we don't cock up.

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