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Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 4th, 2019, 2:13 pm
by Donut102
A new season is upon us, and chance to reflect on last season:


Average age of my first XI is now 23 (last season: 22), and is starting to feel like a competitive team. Reaching R7 of the cup last season has reinforced that, and therefore my focus is switching from training optimisation to winning games.
It feels like I've been training PM forever, and will switch to Def soon. As a result some of my older players will need to move on:
A 29 yr old PM will be sold and replaced with a 19 yr old titanic PM to train in Def. Preferably Powerful skill.
A 27 yr old Winger will be sold and replaced with a prospect from the academy towards the end of April.


Last season I said: Still in V, which is fine whilst training. I won the league last season, not because I played particularly well but rivals took points off each other.
I'm still not good enough to promote, and feel I will lose my top spot this season.

I am now good enough to promote, and last season I only lost one game - but missed out on the title through GD.
Looks like I could have 3 bots in my series this season, and realistically I only have 1 rival for the title. I meet them in week 4 at home, which is convenient given the cup distraction. The reverse fixture in week 11 will be key, but by that time I'll know if its a MOTS or not.


R7 last season, knocking out a prem team along the way. Would be nice to repeat!


Hatstats max up from 313 in season 69 to 387 season 70.
400 would be nice...


Excellent coach, weak leadership.
Was thinking of replacing this season for a Solid leadership chap, but I'll keep the current coach for a few more season yet given the outrageous prices of excellent coaches.


Still making £1m/ season profit. Wage inflation has eaten up all the extra income from my cup run.
I've got enough in the kitty to buy my new titanic PM, but nothing else.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 11th, 2019, 9:54 am
by UncleIan

I didn't buy a single player last season. Sold off my best IM because he was getting too old for training. All my IMs are homegrown, as is my (ex-England U20) keeper, handy for wages and the loyalty boost. Some of my defenders are getting long in the tooth. Might have to stick or twist on a couple of them, and maybe a winger trainee too.

IM is what I'm currently training, and I can't see that changing for at least a season while I get my 1st teamers up to titanic.


Won my IV league just, on goal difference. To be honest I'm probably slightly second best to the team that came second, but it's pretty even. After getting humped in the promotion qualifier I've already given back half a season's fan increase, all those +1's when your fans are high on life are quickly balanced out by the -3s from a qualifier humping, or looking back, the cup exit and subsequent league loss. I'm somewhere near the fan/league cap I guess, this is not really a surprise looking back: 70 was my 6th season in this IV since promoting from V, and I've been 3rd, then 2nd three times, and the last two seasons I've won the league. Turns out I have the second most points total in this league, behind a team that spent 12 seasons here.

I thought about swapping leagues, but looking at the stats, I couldn't see, even though it says we're ranked 31 of 64, the leagues with spaces in, generally round the 58 of 64 and down mark, didn't really look any easier, so I figured I'd stick with what I know.


I'm not really that bothered about the cup, I probably should be*, I went out in R2 last season, and that's pretty embarrassing, looks like I played my B team IMs and paid the price. I might mix it up a bit, but it's all a bit random whether you're going to hit someone taking it seriously or not, and if you don't guess right, you're out.

* Okay, of course I am, I love a good long cup run, it's just a kick in the bawls going out too soon so I pretend not to care.


Honestly no idea. One of my home games this season, just a few weeks back, I was at 95% of my best ever. Which was nice.


Excellent and down to weak leadership now. I don't appear to have a ready replacement. Hmm, that's an issue.


7.1m in the bank. Made 4.1m last season, yes, sold an IM for 2.5m ish, so that's a 1.5m in just normal running cost surplus. That's fairly healthy! Maybe I should be spending some of that on player wages and doing better!

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 13th, 2019, 11:57 pm
by Eastheath
So here we are, season 71. Having started in season 23, we are getting close to our 50th anniversary season. Thats 48 seasons in either series V or IV! Where does the time fly.....

This will be my third season in this particular series IV, the first two I finished 6th and hey ho I think thats the target again. We are league 2 of 64 and it feels like it. Last seasons champions are still here, as are most of the others, so it hasn't got easier. Team is ranked 489.

Training Scoring still, the six forwards in the squad are two magicals (age 27 and 25), one mythical (24), one titanic (21), one magnificent (19) and a passable (17). The older magical will probably sell when the titanic pops next. I can't be arsed to change training, although if anything useful comes through the junior ranks I might be tempted.

Sold two trainees last season, and sold off and replaced one older defender and one older midfielder, to keep the age range in check.

Never been good with money in this game, currently got around £1m, have had little control/discipline over wages, which is probably my biggest bugbear.

Went out in R4 last season. Will try to go as far as possible again without compromising the training regime. R1 already seen to, R2 should be relatively straightforward.

He's solid, with WC experience but weak leadership.

2,605 who must be wondering what the hell I am up to.

Best Ever Game
Was last season oddly enough (100%), and away at that.

Good luck to all this season, let see if we can mix it up a bit for a change...

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 18th, 2019, 8:56 am
by UncleIan
And before you know it, here we are again. Playing a home match against the same team you played away three weeks ago. This one was simple, a straightforward 3-5-2 PIN. They tried to counter attack me, correctly surmising they'd lose midfield, and they're mythical at it, so why wouldn't you? Two minutes in and we score a penalty. They missed a quick event chance and two counter attacks, and I missed a normal chance. 1-0 half time, tight. Second half and the chances are falling to my defenders again, and are fluffed, again, while they miss two more counter attacks. Final score 1-0. Phew! That really could have gone either way despite my 55% possession. Chances were 9-8. Clearly everyone's a bit ring rusty at the start of the season, and haven't got their scoring boots on yet.

No thrashings in the league this week, a 2-1, a 3-2, and a 3-5, leaves me fourth in the table, earliest of early days though. The away win was from one of the new boys, they parachuted into the league last week, looking for an easier time than a league ranked 2 of 64. That's working out for them so far, and next week they are at home to me. That's going to be a tough game for me I think, a brief look at the ratings suggests I might well struggle, and may be a little behind on possession, though attack and defence is in my favour. Also noticed their stamina isn't great, so may do some tactical subs in midfield to take advantage of that late on.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 18th, 2019, 12:01 pm
by Bink333
England's midfield heavy skeleton squad played 5-2-3 and 4-3-3 on Friday, with lots of playmakers out of position. It was only a friendly but we won easily anyway, against Yemen.

In England, life in IV.2 started as a mirror to III with a 0-9 loss. In the live report it said that the match was a traumatic experience for my fans. Many were quiet. Some were crying... We did get an midfielder red-carded in the first half, and injured two of the opposition though, so that should give the opposition something to worry about. This morning one of my league mates was appointed to be the new U20 manager. Had a few beers with Synth about a month ago, he should do a pretty good job.

In Oceania I was away to the team that finished 5th last season. I'm now training wing for my full-backs and set up with a 5-3-2CA with no formation experience having recently switched training from passing. I've sold 2 IMs and a forward in the off season, planning to buy again once this wing training is complete (to train defending (in about 3 seasons away). We lost 2-1, they had 78-83% of the ball, and we played a forward as full-back to get 50% training. The logic here was to make sure we put a half-decent side out in the Cup this week, as that's no gimme.

In South Africa, the surviving team from last season and I switched to the same more active series. As luck would have it we both had bots to kick start the season. I had my 19y/o £70k trainee pop to oustanding PM so he's been TLd and I bought an older 20/21 formidable for £120k at the weekend to replace him. I've also ordered a stadium upgrade to get to over 20k. I'm very much looking forward to promoting my YA GK, and am currently looking at who the other trainee will be. I'm thinking unpredictable defender with a bit of passing and defending in place, and no GK skill to speak of. They look cheap age 18, so that seems like a good plan.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 19th, 2019, 7:20 am
by Eastheath
Well I'm a happy bunny, winning 0-1 away to a team that frustrates me usually. OK, so they are in rebuilding mode, but I enjoyed it anyway.
Next we are at home to the joint contender for top spot, and depending on what happens in the cup, we might be on to a pasting in the league or might give it a good bash. Either way we are 3 pts better off right now than I thought we would be. In fact even if we lose next week we will still be 3 pts ahead of early expectations....

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 21st, 2019, 3:08 pm
by Donut102
A routine win against a bot in the league, and a controlled 4-1 win in the Cup, both with a 532 formation. Training defending at the moment, which I've been threatening to do for a few seasons but have finally bitten the bullet. Its really slow & boring - goodness knows how those long shot teams do it.

I'm switching to SP training next week whilst in the Cup so I can play 253 which suits my team better. Did I mention I hate defending training? Only managed 2 weeks of it before switching to something more exciting. Long term game blah blah blah.

Bot in the league next week. Which means I can play 541 to get some experience in that formation, for when I switch back to defending. Cant wait.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 25th, 2019, 3:39 am
by Eastheath
Last weeks Cup game went our way 0-4, and left us with another away game in the Cup, winnable as well, but we would need to put out the heavy guns up front in order to get past a tight defence. So, bearing in mind we were likely to lose the league game against league favourites, I put two trainees out for the league game, to free up the first XI forwards for this weeks cup.
The league game surprised me, because not only did we go 1-0 up but we also went 3-1 up before they got one back for 3-2 at half time.
Second half they nabbed another 2 to win 3-4, but we had 7 chances to their 4 and I suspect with the full first team forwards out, we might have even bagged the game. Doh.

Anyway, won one lost one in the league, still in the cup, I'm not complaining. Cup game is leaning our way, and the next league game is away to a team like ours, so still all to play for.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 25th, 2019, 9:27 am
by UncleIan
Had a tough away game this week against a team that swapped into our league from the toughest IV. It looked like I was going to lose possession, so I thought I might as well try and score some goals, went 2-5-3 AOW. They also went 2-5-3 AOW. Turns out we're both pretty handy at AOW, me with divine ratings and he with divine +1! With both of us only playing two at the back, my two central, and his two one WBTM and one central...well, there's goals a-comin'!

They had the lions share of possession, I thought that would negate their AOW tactic*, but there were several reports of them switching attacks to the wing. My keeper played a blinder, and we managed to hang on to go in at halftime 2-1 down, them with 58% of possession. A 31' injury to one of my IMs didn't help, dropping my midfield by two sub-levels. Second half, and my cunning plan was to take advantage of their declining stamina with a couple of substitutions, unfortunately, one of them was off injured, so the effects were negligible, or maybe not, as we drew level a minute after the sub. Unfortunately they scored another two, then we scored another with ten minutes to go for a grandstand finish. Sadly, not to be, final score 4-3. Chances were 6-3. To be honest, not surprised we lost, and losing in a high scoring game is the best way to lose. If it had ended as a draw I think that definitely would have been the rub of the green for me.

Thanks to other results, namely one of our promoted teams getting a 5-0 pasting from last year's 2nd place, I actually went up a place in the league to third. Early days, though that's one team on six points, and five of us on three, could be a tighter season than the last one, my reckoning is there's three of us in contention for the top spot, a quirk of the fixture lists means we all play each other in the first (and last) three fixtures.

Safely through the cup last week, but this week looks 50/50. Actually, the review page says possession will be exactly that. Penalty takers set. Fingers crossed.

* Or is it just CA that's affected by losing possession?

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 25th, 2019, 12:34 pm
by Bink333
You don't get CA chances if you have majority possession. Anecdotal evidence is thin on the ground, but I have seen AIM/AOW work effectively in games where possession is tight but the AoW/AIM team has less possession. The problem with AIM/AoW especially when you win possession, is that you weaken defence somewhere, which makes it less attractive than playing no tactic, especially as there's no guarantee than you'll get any chances switched across anyway.

England went to Bangladesh for a friendly playing 4-4-2 with inner mids playing as OCDs. The increasing TS gave us advantage there too, and our TDF (who popped to magical passing this week) bagged a brace for our 0-3 win. Attack ratings were under 40% but we did have most of the chances, so a bit like lining up to kick a ball at a target on Soccer a.m. something had to go in eventually. Next week we're playing Slovakia again in the Euro friendly tournament, first round stage.

My English team lost 9-0. No goals yet in the league this season, but the banter is good, with 4 other managers chatting in my league messaging service. We've a Cup game on Tuesday that looks 50/50. It would be in my favour, but for the stamina drop-off. I saved all of the 1st team for that one this week.

My YA played this morning and I discovered a support spec. That makes two in the same YA (although the other one is injured)

In Oceania, We lost 0-1. 5-3-2CA tactics produced 2 chances (middle and left - we had pushed for side attacks but got no conversion with sub 40% attack ratings), and so we are bottom of the league with 1 goal for and 3 against, but only 3pts off 3rd. I was playing my PNF as a full-back again for wing-training, and it was his side that conceded the goal on 51, even if their attack rating was just 33% at the time. They did have 10 if the game's 12 chances, so it was that Soccer a.m. line-up again.

My YA played this morning. I'm currently training GK with secondary defending. I now have 4 GK in training in this YA. This is an unusual problem... I'm currently giving one 45mins (he'll be first out the door) and the other 3 15 minutes each in goal. 2 of them have maxed in defending.

In South Africa, the £70k trainee I bought last season, training under a passable coach with 6 assistants sold for £1m. Unpredictable 19y/o with excellent defending and outstanding PM. I was very happy with that, as I reckoned he'd sell for about £800k. Still it's the biggest influx of cash this 1 season old team has had, and means that my coach conversion costs to get an excellent coach later this season is covered. I spent just under £100k to bring in a solid leadership 18y/o Nigerian called Samuel Samson. Sam is 18 with excellent defending and passable passing and wretched GK and is unpredictable. Last week I switched to GK training...

David Wicks popped to weak defending this morning and is now maxed in all 3 skills.

I did some playing around with the training estimator tool and figure that in 5 weeks (including last week where he didn't pop to poor) that he'll pop to inadequate GK. Wicks, my solid GK - weak def/sp YA player can be promoted in 22 days (as of today). As I have a few weeks left before I can promote the player I bought last season to coach (week 11) & upgrading from 6 to ten assistant coaches (at the start of May), the most efficient use training for Wicks (if I'm targetting England U20 GK guidelines) will be to train set pieces for 5 weeks to formidable with the current 'shoddy' coaching set-up, then switch to GK under the excellent coach - to titanic, then a level of defending, then SP to mythical. I'll probably need to check with the South African scout team though, as not all U20s have the same targets. His age isn't ideal either as he has a mid season birthday, but he could become a half-decent back-up. It's a good challenge for a brand new team though.

We played the other bot this week so have gone top of the league with a 9-0 (that's 15 for, and 0 against). Nice to know we'll be ending the season on a double bot as well, it certainly helps get TC up and running to have them both early doors as well.

On another note, there's been some discussions going on at ht-HQ with the national coaches about potential changes to the National Teams, and they've come up with a road map at the weekend, which will include providing us with a big pool of players, and only these guys can be called to the squad. They can't be fired or lost if a team turns bot, which would be a big improvement on the current position. There's also going to be an assistant manager role who can pick the team and set match orders, and a facility for ordinary managers to allow NT managers and assistant to view the skills of their players. All positive, although there's plenty of whingeing as you'd expect. I'm pushing for them do do other exciting things to help the managers of the players with things like bigger away friendly crowds, more volatile home fan expectations, and potentially getting more fans OR similar effects to a psychologist from having players included within the pool (depending upon whether the player does more PR OR spends more time with his team-mates). I doubt they'll do much more than they are doing, but it can't hurt to ask.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 26th, 2019, 2:09 pm
by Bink333
There's some other roadmap changes proposed too, including allowing 2nd teams to vote in elections, having National benefits at club level for achievements for their National Team, and reducing xp gains given to U20 players compared to NT, and possibly moving the competition to U21.

And then today they've officially announced that minimum stamina is to be raised to 10% from 5% from the start of next season.

I'm now going to have to adjust the training guide I wrote a few weeks back to reflect...

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 27th, 2019, 9:54 am
by Donut102
Routine 8-1 win over a bot. However despite playing 5 at the back, I've managed to let in a goal each week against bot opponents.
I'm in 1st place after ton GD. My closest rival is also on 6 points, but has faced human teams so far without conceding a single goal. I face him in week 4.

For the Cup I went 253 full first team as it was potentially tricky. We both incurred injuries early on - but bizarrely my opponent had failed to set a single sub. So he was down to 10 men and essentially the game was over. 5-0 final score.

Next week is my first human league opponent and a very good III team in the cup.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 27th, 2019, 10:04 am
by UncleIan
Hurrumph. 3-0 was a bit harsh. Concentrating on the league.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: March 27th, 2019, 11:06 am
by Bink333
Went 2-0 up (21st & 24th minutes) against a 5-4-1 set up. The goal scorers were aged 38/66 and 37/9, and came from a quick SE and a penalty. The quick SE was generated by the younger of the two who was also my penalty taker. The opposition had decided to play creatively and had no SE chances. We had 2 in all.

We had 58/54% possession and 7 of the 12 chances in all (including the two SEs), but with our attack ratings at 42/38/43% at kick off and 37/33/38% after 25 it was no great surprise that we couldn't convert anything else. They had 60% left side attack and 50% on the right (we were playing 2-5-3 with no wb) and had 270 average hatstats compared to our 218 (both teams were 312 at kick off). They had no left side attack chances and 3 on the right, and were probably unlucky to only convert 1 of those, the last chance of the game in extra time after the 90 minutes were up.

Pretty skanky, but that's why I love the Cup.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: April 1st, 2019, 9:22 am
by UncleIan
UncleIan wrote:Hurrumph. 3-0 was a bit harsh. Concentrating on the league.

To expand...we went 2-5-3 with two CD, they were 4-4-2 AIM. Possession was 52/48 to them. four of the attack/defence ratings were about 50/50, and the other two were 40/60 and 30/70 to me. So a bit coin tossy, and losing midfield even by a bit never helps. Chances 7-4, I think that's what grates, the missed chances, where were my goals? I've gone the whole hog, as I've been sitting on 7 free credits we got given at some point, and replayed it 20 times...I mean, almost just for interest, see what it tells me. It says 4 x home wins, 16 times away wins. Ave goals 1.4 v 2.9.

This shows the results of scored goals per team in all the simulations.
Home Away
8 0 Goals 2
5 1 Goal 0
2 2 Goals 3
3 3 Goals 10
1 4 Goals 4
1 5 Goals 1
0 More than 5 Goals 0

Ho hum. In the end it's the cup, and someone has to lose every match. I'm sure there's been as many where my opponent has been scratching his head going "well that was a bit harsh!"

Back to the league then, which, as I say, I'm concentrating on now, and a home match against a promoted team, no mugs by the look of it. Luckily they had also gone out the cup this week, so no worries on cup hangovers, we'd both have one. There's actually some chat in the forum this season, and he said he'd only been promoted because first place lost interest and lost his final game and my oppo won the league on goal diff and was auto-promoted, from a league with three bots in it. Anyway, he reckoned he'd be lucky to stay up and is scratching his head looking where he can nick points. I took this at face value, set my team, then at some point wondered if it was mind games....apparently not. Or if they were, they didn't work.

I was debating whether to PIC. I wish it would tell you in the live match report, as I often forget what I've done when I tune into the match. We were 3-5-2. And it turns out I did PIC, I think my oppo must have done too, I'm sure when I was looking at the review page it didn't have me winning possession by 70/30%! No, they didn't have a great defence, and my defence trumped his by 70/30 too. So they weren't going to score (m)any goals. In the end it was a cakewalk, 4-0 at halftime, 7-0 at half time, from chances of 11-1.

I think this season could be an interesting one, apart from actual life in the forum, first got beaten surprisingly heavily, so there are now five teams on six points, we're in second, having scored 11 goals like first, but having let in one more.

Next week we're away to 7th, which looks like it should be okay, probably not a PIC mind you.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: April 1st, 2019, 9:37 am
by Donut102
First league game against a human opponent this week.

Set out 532 (defender training) with all 5 defenders playing offensive. I was fairly confident of a win so set up two conditional orders to sub my strikers for future coaches when in the lead by more than 2 to get some experience training - one immediately and the other on 75'.
Started off well, going 3-0 up after 21 mins and the first sub was made. Got another goal to go 4-0 and was cruising at half time.
They got a goal early in the second half, and my lads responded promptly: 5-1. Still cruising. At 75' the other future coach came on.

They then got another goal, my midfielder was injured and substituted, leaving me with little to no attack and a declining midfield.
Not cruising any more.
They scored again 5-3 and it was squeaky bum time. But we managed to hold on to take the 3 points. Phew!

Elsewhere in the league my closest rival slipped up and drew, dropping 2 points. Leaves me clear in the lead on 9 points with 2nd & 3rd on 7.
I face my rival next week at home - should be OK, but maybe I'll not bring on the future coaches.....

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: April 2nd, 2019, 12:21 am
by Eastheath
We came through the cup game 0-4 easily enough, and the next cup game we are at home but it looks like we have a chance.

Back to the league and we were away to a closely matched team, although they had a slight edge on paper. We were going to lose MF so it was a 4-3-3 CA tactic for us. Despite their best efforts and liberal use of substitutes, while they had 8 chances to our 4, we came out winners 2-3.

So, still in the Cup and 3rd place in the league. Did not expect that at the start of the season.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: April 3rd, 2019, 8:41 am
by Donut102
Made it through R4 of the Cup.
Went 253 against Div III opposition, thinking I could win midfield with home advantage.
It was fairly tight and nervy until my opponent started to make some subs. He changed 3 players in minutes 40, 50 and 60. Not sure I understood the logic as his stamina wasn't that bad, and I usually avoid doing 3 planned subs in case of an injury.
Sure enough, not long after his 3rd sub he got a player injured and was down to 10 men. My lads took full advantage and we rolled out 5-1 winners.

Next week I've got a monster Div II team, easily delivering 400+ hatstats. Need to get my thinking cap on for that match....

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: April 8th, 2019, 9:24 am
by UncleIan
I was a little concerned this week, away to 7th, but league position this early in the season can be a little misleading. Decided we couldn't PIC, went with a fairly standard 3-5-2. I reckoned I'd probably shade midfield, and see where we went from there. Where we went was a shade behind on possession, they went AIM and their central attack was 60/40, yikes! They were in a 2-5-3, so we had a large advantage on the wings up front. I tuned in after about half an hour, so far so good, 0-0. Then looked in again at half time...0-3! What?!? Had a quick look and it was two attacks from the right and one from the left. Get in! Second half they scored first, and they started struggling with stamina, and we made sure of the match with another, from the left wing. Final score 1-4, chances 1-6. Huzzah! I was right not to PIC.

We're still second in the league, first handed out a 6-1 pasting to the team that came 3rd last season, but are struggling down in 8th this season with one point. There's four teams on nine points in the top four places. Next week I'm at home to fourth, so I think that should be a home win, though again, there's a PIC debate to be had with myself. First has a home banker, so no chance of me overtaking them yet. This season is definitely a bit more competitive I think, last season I'm sure we were pretty lowly ranked, but this, 32 of 64 this week, and I'm sure it's been higher in past weeks.

Re: Hattrick Season 71

Posted: April 8th, 2019, 11:55 am
by Donut102
Home game against my closest rival. He has good defense, but not much else, so I went 253 AIM PIC.
Won comfortably 3-0 - he chose CA, but even if he got a chance he wasn't offering much up in attack ratings to be able to score a goal.

In 1st place on 12 points, 2 points ahead of 2nd.

However I am having a wee bit of a injury crisis. 3 x 1st team players out for a week, and another bruised. I have enough fit players to compete in the Cup game, but the bench is looking kind of empty. My opponent has older players (with lots of NT experience), and I was planning on a couple of stamina subs to help nick the result.
That plan has gone out the window, so plan B. Cup opponent has W3 L1 in his III league, and clearly delivered up his 1st team on Sunday. He has great attack ratings which I cant stop, particularly with first choice goalie injured. I'm considering giving up defense entirely and maybe use one CD to man mark an IM to give a midfield lift. The other CD played offensive in a 253 all out attack.