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Outlook - Folders and Subfolders - New Mail Notifications

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Outlook - Folders and Subfolders - New Mail Notifications


Postby AsleepInYorkshire » December 2nd, 2019, 9:55 pm


I wonder if someone could possibly be of some help please

I use Outlook [at work] and receive many emails every day. A lot of my emails carry quite important information such as quotations from suppliers and notifications of how much we have been certified for the month.

In order to "prioritise" my emails I have set up "rules" and each incoming email is sent to a specific sub folder. The sub-folders are in folders.

Hopefully all the above is normal behaviour for many Outlook users. When I get an email I get two notifications. The first is a little brown envelope on my task bar Outlook icon and the second is a number in brackets at the side of each sub folder. But all my sub-folders and folders have to be expanded before I see all of the mail that has been received but not yet read. If I have a folder closed with one or more sub-folders in it will not show the number of mails received but no read.

So I have to have a long list of folders and sub-folders open and scroll down them to see my incoming mail.

I'd like to have the main folders open but no the sub-folder and just see the folders showing if any sub-folders have mail in them.

Anyone know if this can be done please and if so can you please point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance


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