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Vinyl-wrapped doors in a bathroom

Does what it says on the tin
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Vinyl-wrapped doors in a bathroom


Postby Julian » June 19th, 2019, 2:46 pm

I have a run of about 1.5 metres of under-sink cabinets (3 cupboards plus a stack of 4 drawers) in my bathroom that was installed about 20 years ago. The door construction is some sort of hard plastic shell that covers the front face and the 4 edges but not the back of each door. I am not sure if this is what is called "vinyl wrapped" but in any event some of the doors and drawers have started de-laminating to the extent that on one door pretty much the whole of the shell covering the door is hanging off the front face of the door and only remains attached in one of the lower corners.

I'm not being "Mr Angry" here, 20 years isn't a bad run, but I am wondering how the technology has changed in the last 20 years and what I can expect if I simply get made-to-measure replacement fronts from one of the many replacement kitchen door suppliers. I actually used internet kitchen replacement doors about 8 years ago in another bathroom that gets more use than the one I'm using now and those show no signs of de-laminating yet but they are a textured wood finish rather than the flat high gloss white that is in the other bathroom so I'm not sure what construction they might be (they were pretty cheap though so I'm sure it's some sort of wrap/coating and not solid wood). In any event, they still look as good as the day they were fitted. I did however read one worrying comment on the internet that the glue that used to be used for vinyl wrap doors was outlawed a while back and the replacement glues used aren't as good. That may of course be rubbish, and it was a 2015 post so perhaps is no longer applicable.

For my high gloss (or maybe satin this time) white door replacements I am considering going with one of the following from "Kitchen Door Workshop" that has good Trustpilot reviews... ... oss-white/ ... oss-white/ ... tin-white/

The descriptions seem to indicate the same construction for the high gloss or the satin white but from one of the FAQs there does seem to be a difference between high gloss & ultra gloss....

What's the difference between High Gloss & Ultragloss doors?

The main difference is that High Gloss doors are made from MDF and wrapped in vinyl, while Ultragloss doors are made from MDF with an acrylic layer on top. This means that Ultragloss doors are harder to the touch with a mirror-shine surface, while High Gloss doors have a slightly softer shine. High Gloss doors tend to be slightly cheaper than Ultragloss doors, but this isn't always the case so it's always worth getting a quote.

Given the choice I'd prefer to go with the "MDF wrapped in vinyl" option (i.e. high gloss or satin white) since that gives the option of a handleless design whereas the "MDF with an acrylic layer on top" option (i.e. ultra gloss) doesn't.

Does anyone have any experience of any of this in a bathroom environment? I'm wondering if there is likely to be any significant difference in durability between the two different construction methods, whether either is likely to be OK, or whether both options might be a bad idea. I'm not intent on getting something that's going to last for decades by the way, it's cheap and easy to replace again, but it would be a hassle if I got something that was going to start de-laminating or deteriorating in some other way within a couple of years. I'd say something like 7 years is my minimum hassle threshold in terms of having to replace them and ideally a 10 year or better trouble-free lifespan.

Any direct experiences with the actual supplier that I am considering (Kitchen Door Workshop) would also be useful to hear about.

- Julian

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Re: Vinyl-wrapped doors in a bathroom


Postby AsleepInYorkshire » June 19th, 2019, 6:37 pm

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