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BS 5733

Does what it says on the tin
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BS 5733


Postby bungeejumper » August 12th, 2019, 5:21 pm

I just bought a bunch of mains cable connectors, and they came with a stamped designation that they met BS 5733. Having nothing better to do, I looked up this mysterious standard and discovered that:
BS 5733 specifies requirements and tests to check the safety in normal use of electrical accessories which are not covered by other specific British Standards

Well, ring my chimes. A catch-all clause that covers anything that might have been forgotten by all the other standards. ;)

I presume BS 5733 is used for basic, mega-simple stuff like cables and junction boxes that damn well shouldn't go wrong unless somebody's made a serious manufacturing cock-up? I suppose, though, that it could stop ultra-cheap gear from the dodgiest cheapskate locations from getting put into decent gear?

Would be interested to know what else BS 5733 applies to?



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Re: BS 5733


Postby csearle » August 12th, 2019, 6:35 pm

bungeejumper wrote:Would be interested to know what else BS 5733 applies to?
My up-to-date copy of the wiring regulations is in the car and it is chucking it down, but I have the 17th edition in front of me. It refers to BS 5733:1995 in three places:
530.4.2 Socket-outlets, connection units, plate switches and similar accessories shall be fitted to a mounting box complying with BS 4662 or BS 5733 and with BS EN 60670-1.
559.6.1.1 At each lighting point one of the following shall be used:
(vi)A plug-in lighting distribution unit to BS 5733
TABLE 53.2 Guidance on the selection of protective, isolation and switching devices
Device: Plug and socket outlet
Standard: BS 5733
Isolation: Yes(3)
Emergency Switching: No
Functional Switching: Yes

(3) Device is suitable for on-load isolation, i.e. disconnection whilst carrying load current.

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