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Shout out to Hannah Zimri and her extended family

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Shout out to Hannah Zimri and her extended family


Postby AndyPandy » August 21st, 2018, 9:49 pm

I fell for one of these once yonks ago*, but am a bit more clued up. Just in case anyone's received similar, here's a dissection of what I found and hope it's a heads-up to other LFers that may not yet have come across it.

Received an email from a Hannah Zimri.

blah blah "My name is Hannah Zimri, and I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter Sarah enjoyed the CPR and first aid info on your page, http://www.xxxxxxxx"...

..."she wanted to share another CPR guide/article she found, ... guide-cpr/ . I thought it was a neat article, and I was hoping you could include it in your first aid/safety resources? I'd love to show her that she could contribute another helpful safety article for others who are interested in CPR"

I've received loads of these in the past, different people and destination websites, but format is always the same - usually "My daughter found your page of links xxx, loved it , also found brilliant article on other page yyy - can you include it in your links page and give her a shout out? It's an extension of a typical backlink request, but with a fake emotional twist to it.

They all lead to commercial websites and it's a way of trying to get an inbound link/backlink for free. As it's such an unusual name, I thought I'd give it a Google.

as well as Sarah, she has a son, Alex (interested in composting) : ... -Homestead
oh, and one called Adam (Ham Radio) : ... 8-2-18.pdf
A nameless son (page is 404 not found now) into Corvettes: ... club-page/
Don't forget Emily (Environmental issues)
or her student, Kara (photography)

They are very diverse and random destination websites from her (Nursing college, NY Tour Company, Home Improvement Services) so don't really see what she has to gain unless she has a SEO Business being paid for inbound links to the articles. Seems a lot of effort considering she can only pull the scam once per victim website that she finds (I didn't get emails for Alex, Adam, Emily or Kara for instance)

What's weird that she has her own craft website which seems genuine enough - although she claims to be a Mother of three :D not 4 or 5.

Any ideas on what's in it for her? Must be hand sent as my website won't naturally work with bots. (e.g. it's not a standard Wordpress Form) so she will have had to spend time emailing it, even if text is boilerplate.

*no financial consequences, just time adding the link and a bit of embarrassment after realising I'd been taken for a ride. Nowadays I just write back saying "Sure, that will be $100 please for a commercial link".

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Re: Shout out to Hannah Zimri and her extended family


Postby gryffron » August 30th, 2018, 10:54 pm

Google ratings are defined by the number of highly rated external sites which link back to you. So if your site comes up high on the google search for X, she can improve her own rating for X by having a link from you. And having done that, it makes both her own site, and links FROM her site more commercially valuable.

I would hazard a guess Hannah Zimri is a sweatshop in Calcutta. Which sells its services improving google ratings.


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