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Jump into January 2017

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Re: Jump into January 2017


Postby amh4 » January 31st, 2017, 9:55 pm

Penny - sad to hear that your Dad is in hospital. Sending healing thoughts.

T - thank you, and happy to open up the new thread, but it won't be up much before 9.30am if that's ok


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Re: Jump into January 2017


Postby Brava21 » February 1st, 2017, 1:38 pm

Hurrah, we have knocked January off. I hate winter, and January in particular, so it is always good to get it over with and out of the way. only four weeks of ‘real’ winter left now :)

Penny, I am sorry to hear your dad is in hospital. Sending positive and healing vibes your way. Do make sure you take care of yourself amidst all this rushing about, won’t you.

Well, in my usual rubbish way I failed spectacularly to post any January goals. In truth I did not really have any, as I was deep in the doldrums for various reasons. However, there was one job in the house that I really wanted to get done, and I finished it, and much sooner than I thought, so I am pleased. It was to repaint all of the woodwork upstairs, which really did need doing some rooms more than others. I did not expect to finish it, so am really pleased to get it out of the way.

I have been thinking of February goals and will go and put those on the proper thread.

Brava x

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Re: Jump into January 2017


Postby Wondergirly » February 1st, 2017, 3:26 pm

Best vibes to all that need them, but especially to Penny. Having an ill parent is doubly stressful when one is not close by :(

I have a fancy to travel 1000 miles on my own two feet this year. Having done some rough calculations, it will take an average of at least 8000 steps per day, which appears to be achievable. Smashed my January target, giving me some leeway for February, which is fortunate as our walks are mostly knee deep in mud

My final appointment with the surgeon is scheduled for 31st January, but the lovely Mr Hull said I was to feel free to cancel it the week before if I have had no problems. Postponed to April. Still having some niggles which I hope time will resolve, but thought it best to stay in the system for now.

I am going to put finding a new Pilates teacher on the back burner for now and see how I get on with other things. Weight-training will commence this month. Book and weights are out and I did my first session on Monday.

It is the end of our company financial year on the 31st, so I can begin to gather up most of the information needed by our accountant.
Still need to close an account, but waiting on Someone Else to do Something. Someone Else still has not done the Something, this could run and run. I have commenced information gathering for our accounts though.

Also, having been quiet for a few weeks, our fraudster has raised his ugly head and has managed to defraud Experian! I have a demand for payment from them, with a threat of legal action so I now have to sort this out :( Very, very annoyed. Contacted Experian and their silence is deafening. This will bump into next month.

Go through our outgoings and see if there is any fat to be cut. Obvious contenders are the entertainment and grocery budgets. At least 10% should be achievable. Still whittling away at expenses but a number of things still to look at. Tax return sent in plenty of time though!

Structural engineer should be here on Wednesday 4th, which means progress. Building Control have acknowledged our application and we can break ground whenever we are ready. So far we are in touch with four builders who are considering/working out quotes.

Dedecorate the house, pack away anything good enough to keep and write a list of what needs to be bought for next Christmas (I would normally buy in the sales, but see next item) Done

At some point this year, if we ever are lucky enough to commence building works, we will need to rent storage. So, need to get 'stuff' down to a minimum. Begin this month with bedding, towels, Christmas items and general decor stuff (art, souvenirs, general fripperies) Still in progress, some to carry forward to February.

Get the front garden down to bare bones. There are a lot of old and sad shrubs in there, weeds growing among things etc. and the lawn edges are not edges. Cut back, dig up, neaten, and then see what gaps need to be filled before spring gets a grip and everything goes crazy again. Many old shrubs rehomed or taken to the tip, border clearing still in progress, but new plants have arrived and are ready to go in. Heavy rain has held us up; on days we were available for gardening, the rain was relentless.

Absolutely nothing in the diary so must organise at least one outing of some sort. Had a very nice lunch out with friends, and have started going to a 'knit and natter' at the yarn shop which I am enjoying.

Plenty of walking when the weather is amenable (see above), and a couple of craft projects to keep me occupied indoors; a poncho in a fabulous-but difficult to knit-yarn which is about one third complete, and I plan on starting a crocheted 'temperature blanket' as soon as I get to the yarn shop on Wednesday :lol: Poncho finished and making good progress on the blanket. Ready for a new project (yay!) :D

Onward to February........


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Re: Jump into January 2017


Postby DeBriefed » February 2nd, 2017, 1:04 pm

Hmmm... not covered myself in glory given it was already a short list but here goes:

1) Sort out dates for friends to come to lunch in January - DONE!
2) Declutter airing cupboard and find space for new towels - Moves onto February list.
3) Declutter/file 2016 paperwork and do tax return - Tax return DONE! Filing almost done (organised but needs to be moved to filing cabinet)
4) Get professional help to deal with mouse problem (if mouse seen again) - MOUSE NOT SEEN! Hope this lasts.
5) Get baby clothes out of loft, donate pink stuff and find a home for gender neutral stuff - SORTED - and my sister has agreed to take the girl stuff so although it's not out yet it has somewhere to go.
6) Do Christmas thank-yous - DONE (as many as are going to get done anyway)
7) Sort out handover of all ongoing projects at work so that early mat leave wouldn't be a disaster if baby decides to make a break for it ahead of schedule... .... Hmmm - not quite done. Stay put for a little bit baby!!

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Re: Jump into January 2017


Postby doone100 » February 3rd, 2017, 3:59 pm

Sorry to hear that your Dad is unwell, Penny, sending best wishes for his recovery.

January didn't go quite as planned. Miss Doone and Chap needed far more help with their houses than they, or we, had anticipated so the majority of weekends plus days taken as holiday have been spent helping out. This is partly a reason why my diet plan went out the window and other goals left incomplete.

Progress against January goals-
Health- get back on board with Eight Week Blood Sugar Diet (apart from 26th)start gentle exercise once my knee stops hurting. Complete and utter fail, for numerous reasons , principally my complete lack of willpower

Home- De-clutter in our bedroom, clean windows and behind furniture. Tackle the chaos that is our medieval kit room, including fabric stash. Mr Doone to have a shed clear out.Did much better with this one, all indoor tasks achieved and Mr Doone made a little progress in the shed

Family- think before I speak, help daughter and chap at their new house.I'm quite certain I've not upset anyone in January. Lots of help given to Miss Doone at both old and new house

Work- catch up from Christmas break, run December reports, re-input shiftsAll caught up and some progress made on long term work progress

Finance- meal planning and focus on non discretionary spend.this has gone quite well apart from Mr Doone ordering prescription sunglasses :( . He won't need them for months yet so why he chose the month that we had agreed was to be as little spend as possible to spend a couple of hundred I will never know.

Hobby- Bloody AGM minutes- speak with treasurer regarding the list of paid members. Prioritise sewing projects. Try one new recipeMinutes, not done. Treasurer spoken with, sewing projects prioritised, recipe not tried

Kit. Finish current unfinished projectsOne down, two to go

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Re: Jump into January 2017


Postby Tortoise1000 » January 8th, 2018, 11:12 am

Review of 2017 goals

1. Health

Get fitter. Two years ago I had an NHS health check. They gave me a card with my scores on for their various tests and questions (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc). I am aiming to improve them this year and get them all within the recommended limits by the next check in three years’ time.

Yes! I have made this a priority and am a lot better than this time last year. Just been to the GP this morning actually, so I am feeling very positive. I still have ailments to sort out but I am hopeful of doing so. Two years to go to the fitness check, and on the right track.

2. Investing

Prioritise this. Get things tidy, review plans and implement as necessary. . A problem last year was the disruption of the building work, a lot of dust and moving things around. Also the distraction of poor savings rates on cash. Keeping ones interest on savings above zero is time-consuming these days. I shall do less building work and give the matter more time and attention.

B- on this one, I am a bit of procrastinator.

3. House project

Furnish the sitting room
Paint the exterior
Install a balustrade round the terrace
Get the works signed off by the planning department and building control

Oh dear, the dog ate all these.

4. Declutter

Make a list on the deluttering thread of the remaining clutter zones and sort some of them out.

Yes. Essentially the house is clear, its just paperwork and the garden that needs work now. These things on the list are done:

TJs stuff
The boxes of books
The boxes in the garage
Store room
DIY tools
Surplus timber

These are half done:

Things in bedroom drawers
Dad estate paperwork
Email inbox

These are left to do:

In-tray papers
Mum and Dads diaries, photos etc
Grandma's photgraphs etc
My photographs
Garden equipment
Bags of sand and things in the garden

5. Support TJ

He is half way through the final year of his Maths degree and finding things rather heavy going. So am I! It is time-consuming and sometimes a puzzle to know how to help. I shall plod on.

Yes! He got his degree, thank goodness. What a saga that was. Now he is living and working independently, phoning most days for advice about one thing or another but basically okay. He has mentioned possibly moving back here at some point, which I am dubious about. However I realise that a certain amount of boomeranging is the normal these days. Young people expect a much a higher standard of living than my generation had, and they seem to be on better terms with their parents, so they don't seem to mind so much moving back. I shall enjoy my freedom while I can :-)

6. Go on holiday


7. Win the Lottery

Win A MAJOR PRIZE on the Lottery or Premium Bonds.

Pah! Do you know I even bought a ticket , now and then? To no avail. The Premium Bonds have paid me 1% so far this tax year.


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