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2017 Goes Marching On

Think it, Plan it, Do it
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Re: 2017 Goes Marching On


Postby Wondergirly » March 31st, 2017, 6:41 pm

Continue with my 1000 mile challenge Ongoing. Not a great month but still on schedule.

Weight training three times per week Nope, see below.

Hip is rather sore so do what the Physio tells me to do when I see her mid-March Not yet sure what the issue is, but back to basics on my hip exercises and see her again next month.

Attend mammogram appointment Done and all clear.

Make a start on the company accounts End of year PAYE done, bank statements and invoices gathered.

Continue monitoring for fraudulent activity Our fraudster has managed to defraud Experian (the irony) but after numerous emails I have managed to convince them of our innocence.

Close surplus to requirements bank account, cannot wait any longer for Someone Else to do their Thing Done today! Has taken numerous phone calls over a few days to convince them. (Other thing still Not Done by Other Person but not my problem any more)

Set new budget for 2017/18 financial year Done and savings made.

Tidy up loose ends for 2016/17 Done today and money shuffled around various accounts.

Pray for a smooth broadband/telephone line switchover Very smooth, only a few minutes downtime as we unplugged old things and plugged in new things!

Continue negotiating building quotes. I like to think this will be done by the end of the month but by Easter is looking more realistic FANFARE: quote accepted, builder starts on Monday!

Again, get 'stuff' down to a minimum. Continue to declutter clothes and also sort toiletries etc. Done.Rented storage starting this week and have already packed and moved a large amount of stuff.More to do but feel we have broken the back of it.

Continue in the front garden; knock the weeding on the head before nature really gets going and decide whether to seed or turf where needed. Continuing to keep on top of weeds and planning to turf bare patches when local nursery gets new turf in stock.

No plans made but probably need to go to visit family at some point this month Visited numerous members of family during a 5 day Grand Tour. Everyone currently happy and in better health than expected.

Continue attending 'knit and natter' Keeping me sane :)

Plenty of walking when the weather is amenable Not as much as we would have liked, but will be able to fit more in next month.

Continue with my 'temperature blanket' and crochet a new shopping bag Blanket looking good. Bag not started but I seem to be in the middle of a winter jumper, a summer top and some socks. I will sign off here and start on the shopping bag!

Onward to the second quarter of the year which will now be full of the building project :) Happy dancing here!


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Re: 2017 Goes Marching On


Postby futuresaver101 » March 31st, 2017, 7:55 pm


So, it's time for an end of month report. I feel it's going to be a slightly underwhelming school report though.

Re the job, on the surface it all feels ok. But I just get an instinct that some more "re-orgs" (you need to reapply for your job type of re-orgs) are coming. Need to be battle prepped. LinkedIn this weekend

How is everyone else?


- undeterred in my intention to keep this job and get a "good" in my appraisal (mid-March)
One all sorted ok :)

- undeterred in my plans for senior professional registration (and associated internal and external company profiles)
the final final final draft is now with my second sponsor for signature

- undeterred in my focus to get reasonable (and achievable) set of objectives for the next 12 months
Still waiting for this one, although my boss says his new team ones have been accepted. He suggests keeping our heads down to avoid being dragged into any of these "initiatives". One person is leaving, others are restless. This "bad" project is starting to claim casualties

- undeterred in my ambition for a senior role in less than 5 years
I just need to update that 5 year plan, and start implementing it

- undeterred in my desire for a good work/life balance
Doing ok, I think. But I think I have been running in overdrive for a little bit, a lazy weekend beckons

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Re: 2017 Goes Marching On


Postby Tortoise1000 » March 31st, 2017, 10:23 pm

Doing okay, thank you, FS. A month has made a difference. I was a bit down when I posted my goals and feeling better now, I am glad to report. Still losing my balance and still no contact lenses, but otherwise fitter and more on top of things.

Write a list of all these jobs that are bothering me
Do one per day

Done. Down to 16 tasks as of today.

Keep attending SW meetings.
Keep going for walks and logging them on Strava.

Yes, hence the improved fitness.

Support TJ as he prepares to take the Pre-Parachute Selection course (P Company). Encourage him to do some Maths as well.

He completed the tough pre-course training programme and passed the final fitness tests. He has equipped himself with all the required kit, including maroon beret, plus the desirable extras that make life easier. A ski boot dryer, for example. He says if they haven’t got them, candidates dry their boots with tea lights. But last year a colleague did that and set his boots on fire. . In the middle of the course! Lit the tea lights, fell asleep, woke to the smell of burning boots and the building being evacuated. Ha ha! So I funded the boot dryer, and all the other things he said he needed. He deserved them, he has certainly trained hard. Final job was a sewing bee, making and sewing on labels. They all have to have big white labels with names and numbers on throughout the course, as they are being constantly assessed

That might be one of the hardest parts actually. They trained for the phys but not for the sewing. I think he and his mate were still stitching labels on the transport up to Catterick this afternoon.

As regards applying for the commission, disappointing news. He failed the medical. On his GP record, not on current ailments. He is fit as a flea now. Disappointing because he has been doing so excellently at the job. Of all the candidates who competed Mod B in Wales this year, he was one of the five named as outstanding. He was made platoon commander on a field exercise, and acquitted himself excellently. I have been feeling so happy that he is good at the job, actually doing really well at the core skills. I can tell from the way he describes what he does, he is clearly a good leader of men. What pity it will be if he is turned down for medical reasons. However, his officers think well of him and will back him on appeal. All is not lost yet.

All a major distraction from the Maths, of course.


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