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Agreeable August

Think it, Plan it, Do it
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Re: Agreeable August


Postby futuresaver101 » August 29th, 2017, 7:10 pm

Hi everyone,

Thanks for good guidance, I have made a focussed effort to include energy giving activities :)

Thursday - Morning lie in and/or completing home-work catch up and/or my side project. Lunch in London with a friend, followed by haircut and evening in London with hubby. I didn't go to London because I fell down the stairs the day before (can't remember if I confessed up to that :)) and bruised my foot. It was a good day though, I found out I had been nominated for an industry prize. Spent time on LinkedIn etc. which was needed

Friday - Currently planning a DIY day although I'm not that enthusiastic. This day wasn't such a good one, the new car we bought last week has given us problems, because the dealer took things away that they shouldn't have (spare wheel for example) and was quite frankly bl**dy rude. A "straw/back/camel" email that morning put my husband in a right state. No DIY happened, took him out for lunch and got an email back from someone senior apologising, saying the spare wheel would be there the next day

Saturday - Such a cool plan here, have booked one night in our old university town (student accommodation !!!) where the OH and I first met. Planning to visit the village and pubs where we used to date. Got in the car - minus spare wheel - and drove down to the campus, and thoroughly enjoyed revisiting memories, and sharing a bottle of wine in the student kitchen. Which is much newer and nicer than my kitchen @ home :)

Sunday - Go to seaside, again revisit old haunts. Possible pub quiz in the evening. Oh what a lovely day, seaside towns, bacon sandwich and a perfect pebbly beach. Decided not to do the pub quiz and went for a G&T in another pub instead. A "classic" holiday day, marred by the ongoing car dramas. Turns out they had removed a safety-related kit as well. Decided I needed another couple of days off, contemplated emailing the boss

Monday - As yet unplanned, either DIY or beer and/or food festivals which are happening in our town or nearby. Car emails distracted my husband, but on the positive side my boss said I could have time off (that's my holiday allowance gone to end of the year!) which was a bonus. Husband surprised me with a picnic in the garden, which was lovely, and bought me magazines too

Tuesday (aka bonus holiday day #1) - have lounged in garden, read books and watched Gossip Girl. And worked on the script for a podcast, plus a Skype call. Hubby is out in the evening (just fitting his new spare tyre in the boot right now)

Wednesday (aka bonus holiday day #2) - tomorrow, plan to catch up with all my mentee actions (i.e. actions on me :)) and clean up all the online profile. Might go out to the cinema in the afternoon, after a "lady that lunches" in the nearby town.

I feel like I have finally got my house in order and ready to go back to work on Thursday, for a two day week. Next week will be the real test !

P.S. I think I might even have a mild suntan from my staycation !

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Re: Agreeable August


Postby Tortoise1000 » August 31st, 2017, 8:56 am

Wow, FS101, you have made a cracking good job of your staycation! Hope you find yourself back at work rested and refreshed.

August report:

1. Health

Attend SW meetings. Done. Haven't lost any weight, which is mysterious considering I follow the plan and do exercise. However, I eat well and enjoy the meetings.

Record a walk on Strava three times a week. Top marks. I do some of them with a friend, and we try to get faster. 22 recorded altogether.

Ongoing saga of optician appointments as usual. I have contact lenses I can see with now, but they are still uncomfortable.

2. Investing

Action To Do list.Done. Also took some money out of Ratesetter. Have to find somewhere else to put it. I was reading that the bank rate might go down to 0.1%! Financial repression is very hard on savers :-(

3. House project

Repaint my bedroom.. This simple job has proceeded at a snail’s pace. The room is clear, the tools and materials are assembled, I have started the preparation. I don’t know why it is goin so slowly, it is most unlike me. I think it is because I am tired a lot of the time with all the walking.

4. Declutter

Mental and administrative clutter. Write a list of froggy tasks and do one per day. Started briskly and petered out, partly due to prioritizing task 5 below.

5. Support TJ

- Continue to maintain his budgeting spreadsheet for him and have weekly finance meetings via Skype. Done. He is getting better at giving me the figures for it (bank transactions) and attending the meetings. The feedback makes some impact but not what it could. He seems motivated to earn his way out of debt rather than control spending. Unfortunately one has to do both!

- Help him deal with administrative muddles from moving out of the student house. Ditto probably moving into new shared house. Yes, lots of muddle and phone calls. Hopefully done with now. New house share good so far.

- Ad-hoc job hunting assistance if required. Done. He got the lovely new job he keenly wanted. He resigned gracefully from the previous job he hasn’t been in very long. Useful life skill, that one. A high stress period last week where they overlapped is over. New job starts with 2-month training course and a tough exam every week. First exam passed yesterday. I am adjusting to his new working hours, which run late into the night. Definitely not my best time for receiving phone calls! I was better in the early-rising Marines.

- Progress his Army application appeal.Hoping to get all the paperwork together this month, though it down to other people so I can only ask politely. I keep chasing this, I am just waiting for one consultant to revise a letter. Getting really cheesed off how long this is taking.

A fairly agreeable month overall. Fitted some sea swimming in on the occasional sunny day.


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