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Choice of Global Growth IT

Closed-end funds and OEICs
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Re: Choice of Global Growth IT


Postby Dod101 » July 11th, 2018, 11:05 am

I think a robust discussion does no harm but thanks for your comments richfool. I think you are right to choose SMT. I have held it for years (probably about 20 I think) and it has not always been as it is now but overall it has been a wonderful share for me. I also hold Finsbury to plug into Nick Train as I like his style (although probably too pedestrian for Fred)

Good for Trump. As you may know I do not buy into geographically biased ITs and so I have no specific exposure to Europe but obviously many generalists will hold European shares. I saw in my newspaper yesterday that Germany will only reach 1.5% of GDP spending on defence by 2025!


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Re: Choice of Global Growth IT


Postby FredBloggs » July 11th, 2018, 12:30 pm

@Dod, nope. I have plenty of time time for Nick Train. Though I do not hold any of his portfolios since it would IMO, be too much like Fundsmith which I have a large stake in.

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