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Diversified non-UK growth IT portfolio

Closed-end funds and OEICs
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Diversified non-UK growth IT portfolio


Postby wanderer101 » September 1st, 2019, 5:58 pm

Hi all

Following on from this thread on a non-UK income IT portfolio viewtopic.php?f=31&t=19190, I thought it would be worthwhile to carry out similar research for a geographically-diversified non-UK growth IT portfolio. Minimum market cap £100m, no minimum yield, dividends reinvested.

All figures from TheAIC site, sorted by 3-year NAVTR growth (arbitrary cut-offs for table lengths)

Asia, including Japan and global emerging markets (as many of those ITs have substantial Asian content)

Looking at their 1 and 5 year figures as well, JPMorgan Asian (JAI) and Schroder Asian Total Return look very promising. Either of the Baillie Gifford funds (the Shin Nippon performance is spectacular) would sit well alongside them for Japanese exposure.

US/North America

The JPMorgan American is in the top 3 for all three of the time periods, which is an admirably consistent performance.


The Montanaro fund is another impressive performer, top 2 in all three time periods, while Baring is top 2 over 1 and 3 years (but actually shrank between 5 and 3 years ago). Both of them look like good vehicles for access to markets a UK investor is unlikely to be familiar with.
Among the large-cap EU funds in the top 5, Jupiter is more German-focused, Fidelity is more French, Blackrock has Switzerland as its largest component. All three hold a lot of big names.

Global, including tech

I'd particularly welcome comments and suggestions here, as it seems to be a sector that covers all kinds of possibilities. It's a shame the AIC site doesn't include a filter for percentage of assets in the UK, which can sometimes be remarkably high for a 'global' fund.
I certainly like the look of Scottish Mortgage's global tech portfolio.
But almost half of Lindsell Train's NAV is invested in the fund manager itself Lindsell Train Ltd, which is unlisted, and overall it is 79% UK. That's not the diversification I'm looking for.

thanks for reading

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Re: Diversified non-UK growth IT portfolio


Postby Aminatidi » September 1st, 2019, 6:10 pm

If I were looking to hopefully make money and was prepared to look beyond ITs I'd also consider:

* Lindsell Train
* Fundsmith
* Blue Whale
* Evenlode Global Income

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Re: Diversified non-UK growth IT portfolio


Postby monabri » September 1st, 2019, 6:21 pm

I'd say anything with a yield of 3 to 4% or more would probably fit in the "Income" camp of ITs ( eg JAI, BRNA, JETI, EAT, MCT, MYI) and should not be in a growth portfolio.

I'd then use the HL tool to compare candidates against one another and against the index they are supposed to outperform (I seem to recall SCAM ( sorry SAINTS ) hadn't done too well cf the benchmark) ... ion/charts

I would select from the bigger funds by mkt cap.

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