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Vanguard All-World High Dividend

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Re: Vanguard All-World High Dividend


Postby runnygum » June 17th, 2019, 1:18 pm

While VHYL is nicer for income. You may wish to consider the tax rates on dividends vs capital gains and structure the portfolio accordingly. Of course VWRL is global so has VHYL inside it, plus small caps, momentum, value etc, etc. Smoothing everything out.

I have been moving stuff from my 20 year old UK portfolio to US based on future plans. ETF's are quite a bit cheaper in the US and there are more of them.

Im basically going into VWRL which in the USA is VT. But will tilt a little towards VXUS which is VT less the US bits on the basis of valuation.

I think only VWRL is really required as it will rebalance itself over time anyway. If the US crashes the proportion of US stocks will be reflected in the basket. But I like to dabble a little :)

Starting over in the UK VWRL would be all I think is needed. (Maybe iShares or other provider's equiv as well if portfolio is large enough for third party risk issues. Fraud/Regulatory/Hack/Fire/Flood etc)

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