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Universal credit

Posted: June 15th, 2018, 12:32 am
by ursaminortaur
The High Court has ruled that the universal credit rollout has been discriminating against disabled people and the National Audit Office has savaged it as being more costly than the old system, not helping people into work and unlikely to deliver value for money.

Government's universal credit roll-out is unlawfully discriminating against disabled people, High Court rules

Landmark judgment rules Department for Work and Pensions unlawfully discriminated against two severely disabled men who had benefits dramatically reduced when they claimed universal credit

The National Audit Office effectively demolishes ministerial claims for universal credit, concluding that the much-delayed flagship welfare programme may end up costing more than the benefit system it replaces, cannot prove it helps more claimants into work and is unlikely to ever deliver value for money.
The NAO report paints a damning picture of a system that despite more than £1bn in investment, eight years in development and a much hyped digital-only approach to transforming welfare, is still in many respects unwieldy, inefficient and reliant on basic, manual processes.