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Real life

Laughter is the best medicine, find and post jokes. nothing too saucy please, Dad jokes, Current news jokes..
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Re: Real life


Postby dealtn » March 13th, 2019, 10:21 am

I remember, a long time ago when I was relatively new on the trading floor of my employer in the city, one lunchtime one of the youngsters was tasked with getting the lunch round. A sort of "right of passage" the youngsters were expected to perform for the older and experienced traders, who, let's be honest were intentionally a bit scary. This would often involve multiple places to visit and woe betide anyone that got the hot options first before the cold and returned with below temperature offerings etc.

Anyway the usual performance of getting the order and money when one of the traders waved a £50 pound note (big money now, let alone back then), and showing off said "...and get something for yourself". Long story short the youngster returned with all the food and a new leather jacket.

Much kudos to the youngster and laughter all round.

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