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Ring ring.

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Lemon Quarter
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Re: Ring ring.


Postby SalvorHardin » December 15th, 2016, 5:42 pm

compscidude wrote: You could be an extremely successful investor for a million years for all it matters. What we're discussing here is not about investment, it's about US current events, political process and law. If you know nothing about the grounds for impeachment in the US, or current events relating to that matter, you will not be in a good position to assert the future course of reality in relation to those matters.

If you do not wish to feel patronised or as though your views are being dismissed, then I recommend that you avoid making strong assertions about those matters which you have evidently not conducted even 15 seconds of background research towards.


ROTFLMAO. FYI I am one of the people who has known about the emoluments clause for quite some time (I am currently studying to take the New York bar exam, just after I finish a Masters in law).

You said that Trump becoming President via the Electoral College meant his automatically being impeached and losing office. That was what you said. But it doesn't, no matter how many links you Google (and most of them will include a lot of caveats). Rather it means impeachment IF his business affairs involve the receipt of things which violate the clause (highly questionable), IF his business affairs are determined to be sufficiently controlled by him for these purposes (easy to get around), IF the decision to impeach goes ahead (questionable, if only because it would create havoc) AND IF impeachment succeeds (again questionable).

To paraphrase a lawyer friend of mine; there's a heck of a difference between 100% certainty and something which may happen subject to four IFs. Something to do with probability theory, I believe (if you feel like taking the Mickey I should point out here that I used to be an Actuary so I know a little bit about probability theory, though I am rusty).

Anyway thanks for confirming my suspicion that I should spend much more time on Seeking Alpha and to avoid talking about investment here :-)

Lemon Quarter
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Re: Ring ring.


Postby Clariman » December 15th, 2016, 5:45 pm

Moderator Message:
Well this thread has already prompted 3 "report posts" and an email. That's a record. One thing that we do not want to do on LemonFool is to allow historical TMF spats to continue here, so I am locking the topic to prevent further discussion. I will leave the thread to stand and posters can make their own judgements

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