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AIM Portfolio

Honest reporting on shorter-term trading activity and ideas
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Re: AIM Portfolio


Postby kempiejon » November 17th, 2016, 2:52 pm

here's yet another list thanks to InTheHighlands from over there. ... 20935.aspx

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Re: AIM Portfolio


Postby tabhair » November 18th, 2016, 11:26 pm

Argadargada wrote:Here's another link for those interested in trawling the "murky depths" of the AIM fishing pond. ... ers_ap.pdf

I'll make no comment as I need to do some more research as most of these companies are new to me.

Thanks for that, it's going on my weekend reading list.

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Re: AIM Portfolio


Postby GrouchoMarx » December 7th, 2016, 6:05 pm

#SEE is often dismissed for poor performance and R&D costs but it is my personal tip for success. They have some of the best partners/customers on AIM. It's a great share to research. Arguably, 2017 could be one of their most exciting ever. General Motors will be unveiling their Super Cruise CT6 which is expected to contain #SEE tech. The tech monitors drivers for distraction, fatigue or an unresponsive driver. The tech will alert the driver in the event of a micro sleep event or distraction event. The tech knows if the driver is tired before they do, it knows exactly what the driver is looking at. It does not store CCTV images but it can alert management if there is problem with the driver. In the CT6 the car will safely bring the ride to a halt if the system detects a problem with the driver.

Catalysts for share movement:

FOVIO - this is the Automotive business - due to be spun out into a US-based standalone business - already has investors on board but the talks have stalled due to equity demands made by one of the investors. Expect this to surprise in 2017.

Aviation deal - #SEE are working with Boeing to develop a training solution for aviation.

Fleet trials currently underway in 100K vehicles over 10 countries (mining conversions were near 100%)

Caterpillar - have acquired exclusivity for the mining rights for A$21m and will pay royalties on all products sold. Expect them to really push on with these sales in 2017.

Rail - developing a rail solution with Progress Rail (A Caterpillar co) likely to follow the same model as mining with Progress Rail taking exclusivity.

Anyway, there is loads to research with this one. It's high risk but potentially offers exposure to some of the most exciting markets of the future. #SEE is Artificial Intelligence, it can be used in Virtual Reality, semi-and fully autonomous driving, With the recent high-profile accidents involving freight drivers I expect the tech to go mainstream very soon.

Check it out but do your own research and understand the risks.


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