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Pothole productivity, a suggestion for Spreadsheet Phil

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Pothole productivity, a suggestion for Spreadsheet Phil


Postby tea42 » November 28th, 2017, 2:08 pm

Cycling my usual fitness route this morning I came upon the wonderful automated pothole mender. I cycled around my 11 mile route and all the potholes had been fixed. There must have been well over 100.

The machine has a nozzle on a moveable boom projecting from the front of what appears to be a normal lorry. First the boom sprays what appears to be hot steam into the hole. Then the steam continues accompanied by tarred grit which fills the hole and the boom is moved around to feather off the edges. Finally the lorrys heavy wide rear wheels go back and forth over the tarred area to compact the tarred grit. Then its off to the next hole.

I saw this machine about 4 years ago on the same lane. All the repairs it made are still perfect whilst those done more recently by two blokes with a shovel have all reopened.

I had a word with the driver and he said the rig was hired, but the County Council have one on order. They could do with half a dozen!

Copy this video to your MP and the highways dept. Spreadsheet Phil has been exhorting us to improve productivity, this machine is just the ticket to do that in spades and solve the pothole problem too.

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