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'I know pilots who are driving for Sainsbury's now'

Lemon Quarter
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Re: 'I know pilots who are driving for Sainsbury's now'


Postby dealtn » November 11th, 2020, 11:37 am

Charlottesquare wrote:
flyer61 wrote:As someone who has been flying planes for a living these last 40 years I think I am well qualified to comment on Pilots acumen for financial trading.

Pretty much non existent would be my take. Where they are good at is being sold expensive stuff by the likes of St James Place, snake oil 'you can be a trader' salesmen and many other dubious ventures.

Basically the majority are only interested in flying aeroplanes anything financial passes them by.

Do not under any circumstances encourage your children to think about a career as an airline pilot. The career has long gone and with Airbus recently completing a 2 years project on pilotless planes the future seems to be going only one way. Oh and for your £150k plus investment in getting a licence not to mention 2 years out of your life you will enter the most cyclical of industries where T's and C's are constantly reducing. Driving delivery vans may actually be a good calling...until they too are automated.

Cabin crew - the next time you go to a new home development do not be surprised to find the very nice lady showing you around, completing your reservation etc is actually a former cabin crew member. CC skills read across very well to flogging homes. In fact some of the best sales people I have ever met have completed stints as CC.

..and some of them make pretty good nurses too.

Then again I used to have a pilot as a client (why do pilots seem to run side business entities, is it because once on autopilot it is that or a computer game!!!!) who had, before he became a pilot, traded currencies for some London based entity, so not sure the two are exclusive

So was he suited to trading the markets if he left that profession to become a pilot? Seems an odd transition if he were successful. Or was the "pilot" bit not a career move, but to fly his own plane?

One of my salesmen did just that, and another bought progressively bigger boats. I know which was the easier to learn to "fly".

Lemon Quarter
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Re: 'I know pilots who are driving for Sainsbury's now'


Postby Spet0789 » November 11th, 2020, 12:39 pm

airbus330 wrote:
tikunetih wrote:
XFool wrote:Sounds like a case of: "Where are the customer's Porsches?" ;)

I've a golf-playing relly whom I discovered is in the clutches of St James Place.

Me: "How on earth did you end up with that lot"
Relly: "There's an advisor in the club, lovely guy, everyone in the club has signed up with him"
Me: "What car does he drive?"
Relly: "He's got a beautiful new Aston - lovely!"
Me: "Quelle surprise. Who else in the club drives a car like that?"
Relly: "No one"

Penny dropped eventually, and I then explained the layers of charges and the lock-in...

"Lovely guy" :lol:

Thats ironic, as I think we must know the same person and golf club. Or this tale of woe is far from rare.

Where are the customers' yachts?

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