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Investment post Article 50 signing

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Investment post Article 50 signing


Postby odysseus2000 » February 19th, 2017, 2:35 pm

It is interesting to muse over what the uk will look like in say 5 years & how one might profit from it.

Many argue that export markets in Europe will decline. If so where will exports go & what will be there nature?

Equally where will imports come from. Once we imported lots of food from the commonwealth, but that dried up with eec membership. Will this trade revive or has the commonwealth already found big enough markets in China & India et al?

Financials? Will London's position at the centre of the global day, bridging the Far East close & the US open remain & lead to thriving banks etc?

Will the U.K. become isolationist or will we remain a global trading nation.

What will be the political landscape driving the future economics? Will the split between the employer favoured conservatives & the employed favoured Labour Party remain or will a new party emerge focused on re-joining Europe with support from both sides of business?

Getting the answers to some of these questions & a whole host of others right will be top of the list of many fund managers agendas.

Perhaps private investors ought to think about how the future will likely be.


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