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Raspberry Pi v Orange Pi

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Raspberry Pi v Orange Pi


Postby odysseus2000 » August 21st, 2017, 4:41 pm

Raspberry Pi is a uk single board credit card 'puter, it has a competitor called Orange Pi. This article, hat tip to Adafruit for link, looks at Orange Pi. It is in French, but translates with Chrome or similar.

One interesting section, noted below, is on the economics of Orange Pi production: ... zhao-52858

How, if the purchase of the component is $ 1, inevitably the exit fee will be a bit higher for the end customer, Mr. Zhao? - If you tell me the price, I will know your margin ... -
- No, because today all Orange Pi cards are sold at the BOM (Bills of Material) rate.
-Does this mean that the cost of engineers, premises, development equipment, design and all that ... is not impacted in the price of a card?
-That's right.
"But how is this possible?"
-We are subsidized by the government.


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