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Halfords - free 48hr electric bike trial

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Re: Halfords - free 48hr electric bike trial


Postby jonesa1 » June 24th, 2019, 4:59 pm

Itsallaguess wrote:Some months ago I linked to an article that was suggesting that it really won't be too long before non-powered bikes are the exception rather than the rule, and I think that's a fair viewpoint when looking a few years out from here.

I gather that's already happening in the Netherlands where cycling is primarily a way of getting somewhere. It might take longer to make an impact in the UK where a lot of cycling (especially on expensive bikes) is for fun & fitness. Among the MAMILs and younger enthusiasts, e-bikes are likely to be a minority interest. The lack of safe cycle routes and secure parking won't help either, which is unfortunate because e-bikes could potentially replace cars for a lot of people who wouldn't consider (or couldn't manage) a purely self-powered bike.


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Re: Halfords - free 48hr electric bike trial


Postby tikunetih » June 24th, 2019, 6:18 pm

UncleEbenezer wrote:If I ever had an electric bike, I'd need to be able to detach the battery to bring it indoors for charging. Kind-of like I detach the water bottle to refill it!

Many people keep bikes their in garages, sheds, utility room, hallways or other rooms, and many of these places have power outlets.

In the higher end road bike world, there are a growing number of bikes with components (power meters & electronic gear shifters) that use embedded rechargeable batteries, requiring the bike to be periodically (every so often) to be plugged into a charger. For many of them it will be no inconvenience as they'll be storing the bike somewhere near a power outlet anyway (see above).

People seem to have got used to plugging their smartphones and other gadgets in every day or two or three, as opposed to removing a battery from the gadget and charging that, and as ebikes gain in popularity a similar thing may well happen with them. Give it a decade or so and we'll all be doing the same with our cars, anyway, so few will probably bat an eyelid at doing the same with an ebike.

I'm sure detachable batteries for ebikes will be around forever, but may increasingly be confined to more niche use-cases, such as for commercial/rental bikes or super distance niches, where a rapid swap-over is required.

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Re: Halfords - free 48hr electric bike trial


Postby 9873210 » June 25th, 2019, 5:38 pm

UncleEbenezer wrote:A bike tube is a finely-tuned piece of engineering: a carefully-crafted balance between strength, weight, durability, etc. A tube you can put a big heavy battery inside would seem to throw all that away. Unless there's some magic in there that the initiated know about but that eludes others like BJ and myself.

Bicycles are designed the way they are because of UCI rules (even where the rules don't technically apply the spirit still affect design). One of the few things you can engineer is the tubes. If you do away with UCI rules but still constrain for human power you'd add mass and get recumbents and fairings.

If you do away with the constraint of human powered there are better places to spend money and engineering effort than lighter tubes, so an optimized design has crude, heavier tubes and a slightly lighter battery pack.

This is all part of the history of cars and motor bikes, which evolved from bicycles at the end of the gas light era. Once you add non-human power everything changes. You have the option of more power instead of more efficiency.

Also not that it's not early days for electric bikes, since power assist started perhaps a century and a half ago.

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Re: Halfords - free 48hr electric bike trial


Postby scotia » June 26th, 2019, 11:29 am

Just a few notes on the Halford e-bike which I purchased
First there's a favourable review ... -electric-
Secondly - its designed as an e-bike - not as a standard bike with bolted-on batteries etc.
So the folding frame is not tubular - its a sizeable box containing the battery - which either can be charged in situ, or removed (with a key) for charging indoors. The key is a security feature - you don't want someone stealing the battery!
As I have reported elsewhere, its designed as a cross-city bike, but I have also used it for some cross-country work. It folds, and fits in my car's boot. But its a bit heavy (for an old guy) to carry around when folded.

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Re: Halfords - free 48hr electric bike trial


Postby colin » June 26th, 2019, 9:33 pm

UncleEbenezer wrote:But would you buy a bike from Halfords? Bear in mind that, unless you're particularly lucky, it'll be set up by someone who neither knows nor cares about bikes,

My experience of my two local Halfords has been quite the opposite , given that the people who staff the bike counters seem to spend most of their day maintaining old bikes customers have brought in for service I don't see how they can do that without knowing anything about bikes, have you actually set foot in the bike department of your local Halfords?

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