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Posted: July 7th, 2018, 11:21 am
by stewamax
My brain aches: trying to understand non-locality (the EPR paradox etc) – the correlated behaviour of physically-separated subatomic particles – gives it a mild throb, but the proposal that this extends to the behaviour of one such particle separated in time (non-temporality) needs a big dose of paracetamol.
See: ... -20160119/
and (at least) the first two pages of

My speculation: perhaps JW Dunne’s Serial Time is our human perception of non-temporality. And it is interesting to compare Dunne’s idea with those of Rovelli (q.v.) that posit non-temporality as the norm, with only our brains creating our 'before-and-after' view of time that only works in the surrounding locations near (on an astronomical scale) to us.

The Quanta article also mentions some possible implications for quantum computing, notably that:
Quantum computers are sometimes described as performing a series of operations on all possible data at once, but they might also be able to perform all possible operations at once.

Incidentally, Quanta is free (no advertising, and funded by the Simons Foundation) and well worth ‘subscribing’ to.