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Scientific discovery and discussion
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Postby XFool » August 29th, 2018, 10:40 pm

Did anyone see tonight's Horizon on BBC 2 at 9pm? What did you think? I turned off...

WHAT WAS IT ABOUT? I'm tempted to answer my own question: Nothing

It was billed as 'A Week Without Lying: The Honesty Experiment' - "In a radical experiment, scientists from across Europe come together to use new technology in a bid to explore what the world would be like if people were incapable of telling lies." (How?)

Really? Where was the "experiment"? All I saw was a collection of people - y'know, just like 'you & me' :roll: - in everyday life chatting to other people and supposedly being 'monitored' from afar by a line of 'scientists' who discussed their impressions of them. An occasional commentary then revealed the apparent fruits of such 'research'(?) including such breakthroughs as: "People sometimes tell white lies" and "White lies are OK sometimes" etc. WTF?

Such time as I spent looking was spent trying to work out what on earth was really going on. I couldn't. It all felt like BS to me. One theory I had was that it was all going to be revealed at the end as a 'lie' and there was some other experiment really going on. I turned back on again for the final 5 minutes to check. I was wrong, apparently is was for real...

It seems my long held fear, and the worst thing imaginable, has come to pass - Horizon has finally morphed into Equinox (late of C4).

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