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Darren Frost

Religion and Philosophy
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Darren Frost


Postby AsleepInYorkshire » November 23rd, 2020, 11:56 am

Narwhal tusk hero a year on from London Bridge attack

Hopefully I have selected the correct board on which to post. The purpose of my post is simple. I don't want to promote a discussion on individual opinions or dabble with euphemisms, cliché's or semantics. I wanted to allow one person to describe how they are coming to terms with their life over the last year and that comes out in this video.

This report/video provides a very brief glimpse into the year of one particular person and I believe that some of you may want to view. Whilst part of the video is harrowing it does set the scene for how one individual has had to adapt and cope.

I wish this young man well and that his strengths and beliefs see him through.


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Re: Darren Frost


Postby servodude » November 23rd, 2020, 12:19 pm

AsleepInYorkshire wrote:Hopefully I have selected the correct board on which to post.

The only issue with the board would be that I can't give you a "thank" other than by this post
So thanks


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