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Pagans demand return of church buildings

Religion and Philosophy
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Lemon Slice
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Pagans demand return of church buildings


Postby GJHarney » August 27th, 2017, 11:16 am

Pagans demand return of church buildings 'stolen' 1,300 years ago -

Nice bit of self-publicity by the Odinists, although the historian at the end of the article is correct to state that the British latecomer pagans in the form of Vikings and Saxons themselves 'stole' Romano-British Christian sites. A more interesting argument would have been from the original Cletic-British pagans (Druids etc.) if any still existed (I don't count the reinvented ones who go to Stonehenge twice a year) or the pre-Christian Romano-British with their strong affinities to gods like Mithras (very popular in the army).

At least the Christians never managed to take over the sacred temples to Silenus, Dionysus, Sucellus, Aegir etc. so no compensation is due. In fact I think I might go to one later for a traditional bit of Sunday worship over a pint or two :)

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Re: Pagans demand return of church buildings


Postby stewamax » September 2nd, 2017, 10:32 am

They will have to take their place in the queue: the C of E will need to hand their property back to the Church of Rome first.
Then perhaps we divide the country into areas worshipped by the different tribes - or their kings. Quite what we allocate to areas that were pantheistic pagan rather than panentheistic pagan i don't know: the church glebe fields perhaps but not the church itself?

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