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Re: Endoscopy


Postby ReformedCharacter » July 23rd, 2019, 12:18 pm

EssDeeAitch wrote:Update. Came into A&E last night with horrible pain and the medical team think that a gall stone removal by endoscope will be the answer. Gall bladder removal at a later date due to being in blood thinners for the stents that were fitted last month.
Anyway, I have found out that the gall stone that causes all the pain is lodged in the Ampula of Varter (wonderful name) which is located just a blood squirt from the sphincter of Oddi (equally wonderful).
Sedation awaits!

Hope it goes well for you.


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Re: Endoscopy


Postby Nithya » December 20th, 2019, 11:43 am

A clinical examination by an ENT surgeon helps to discover the cancerous lesions. Endoscopy involves using a scope to take a closer look at the throat. Oncologists can use a special lighted scope fitted with a tiny camera (known as an endoscope) to transmit images on to a video screen that monitors for signs of abnormalities or malignant growth. The endoscope can be inserted either through the mouth or through the nose. The endoscope also contains a biopsy forcep that can remove tissue samples to proceed with a biopsy if the monitor shows a visible abnormality

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