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Growth for the next decade...

General discussions about growth strategies which focus primarily on investing for capital growth
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Re: Growth for the next decade...


Postby scotia » August 24th, 2021, 11:07 am

alphab1 wrote:Being interested in Growth Stocks - not dividend incomes - I found a recent article in SippDeal's Share magazine giving lists of best performing FTSE
250 firms (as it calls them) over three, five and ten years. I was also previously interested in SMT (Scottish Mortgage), USA (Baillie Gifford) and OIG (Oryx). Here I have tabulated the performance (%) over 3 months, 1 year, 3 year (annualized) and 5 year (annualized) of some of these stocks:

Period  3 mths  1 year   3 yrs    5 yrs 
SMT 17.5 - 48.9 - 36.1 - 35.0
USA 18.7 - 50.0 - 38.0 - ***
OIG 28.7 - 89.7 - 32.2 - 25.7
FUTR 33.6 - 166.0 - 113.5 - 102.7
RCH 65.6 - 672.3 - 79.3 - 32.1
GAW 4.0 - 36.6 - 53.6 - 87.7
LIO 46.0 - 81.7 - 54.7 - 49.3
KNOS 35.0 - 72.9 - 75.5 - 63.3

(*** new Trust, less than 5 years old)

FUTR, RCH and LIO stand out followed by KNOS with OIG perhaps doing well recently. It is of course difficult to quantify the rank but SMT and USA (dependent far too much on US technology stocks) are not doing all that well.

Any comments?

Moderator Message:
Tidied your table up a bit and added headers.


Now if all of these numbers were guaranteed over the next 5 years, we would know which to select :)
I'm afraid that single stocks, particularly in the smaller company area, for non-specialist investors, are a bit of a gamble.
From your table, I had a look at FUTR, and I confess that I thought that their business in magazines was old hat, and certainly not high growth. Clearly I was wrong! I'll stick to collective investments.

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Re: Growth for the next decade...


Postby TUK020 » September 19th, 2021, 9:42 pm

I have now retired and am starting to draw income from my portfolio, which is split across an ISA and a SIPP.
I don't yet need to touch the ISA, and am looking to focus it more on long term growth shares, while keeping my SIPP more oriented to income producing shares/investments that will provide natural dividends.
This is not necessarily the most logical TR strategy, but one that sits easiest with me (I find making sell decisions much more difficult, and would prefer not to have to do this regularly to generate income).

Within my ISA, I have a basket of 'growth' investments which are:

Index investments
L&G Global 100
Vanguad Lifestrategy 80

Specialist tech/growth ITs

Generalist global growth ITs
Alliance IT

Old money house ITs

RIT Capital Partners

Based on HariSeldon's suggestion, I am considering adding a global mid cap. Anything anybody disagrees with? Anything I am missing?

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Re: Growth for the next decade...


Postby MaraMan » September 20th, 2021, 9:24 am

My situation is very similar although I retired about 3 years ago. I have a similar portfolio but without the trackers, that is not to say I disagree with what you are doing. My only thought is that global trackers have by neccessity a large exposure to the US, which you may or may not be comfortable with at the moment. Who knows what the US markets will do in future, maybe just carry on with their meteoric growth, or maybe have a period of "adjustment". I am not sure what proportions you have in each investment, but with the trackers (50+% US), SMT (37% US), Monks (50%+ US) and F&C (50+%US), you have a pretty significant exposure to one market that has been on a hell of a bull run. Maybe this is what you want, and I am not saying you are wrong, just that it could be a higher risk than you want in your pension fund.

Good luck with it and enjoy your retirement.


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