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Nightmare par 3.

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Nightmare par 3.


Postby Leothebear » June 17th, 2019, 4:12 pm

I'm writing this in the hope it will help me overcome the severe trauma I suffered at the final hole - a par 3 - on my recent visit to Spain.

I'm an inconsistent golfer. High h'cap, I don't play enough. OK I'm crap.

The hole is 154 metres over water. Not a massive hitter I take a 6 iron. Catch it reasonably well but it lands right of the green by 8 - 10 yards but pin high. A bunker between me and the pin. A nice little lob shot and an outside chance of a par, or so I thought. Slowed down on the chip and fluffed into the bunker. Now the bunkers on this course are not well maintained. The sand is crusty after drying. I catch too much of the ball and send it over the pin and straight in a bunker of the other side of the green.

I gasp at the shot that now faces me. The ball has plugged on the far wall of the bunker in what has to be the only soft sand on the entire course.
I have no stance. I have no shot at all. I stand in the bunker with my ball plugged at shoulder height. My first attempted moves a lot of sand but not my ball. My next shot causes an avalanche of sand containing my ball coming to a halt near the bottom. My next shot hits the lip and rolls back in.
My next shot clears the lip over the pin and back into the bunker I was first in. 7 shots so far - a 10 if I was lucky.

It was at this point I could see this nightmare repeating itself and decided the bar was a far more pleasant place for me.

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Re: Nightmare par 3.


Postby argoal » June 17th, 2019, 11:16 pm

Congratulations for clearing the water...

I’d have probably been playing 7 off the tee having put a couple of balls in the drink.

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