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USA: is it something in their water?

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Lemon Quarter
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Re: USA: is it something in their water?


Postby GoSeigen » August 26th, 2020, 8:23 am

bluedonkey wrote:What a depressing thread this has become. Are there any black posters on here?

Leave them at it. It's a useful check for my ignore list.

Few things fill me with disgust but being associated with these people purely by the fact that they think I am white is repugnant to me. Is there a way one can become officially classified as black so that they don't feel at liberty to treat you as a co-conspirator? Honestly it makes me sick. Like when they expect you to laugh at their stupid "jokes".


Lemon Quarter
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Re: USA: is it something in their water?


Postby didds » August 26th, 2020, 8:27 am

didds wrote:
pure conjecture... because as a black man in the USA surrounded by white police officers with guns he may believe if he stands still he'll be shot anyway?


Or of course he stands still, gets thrown to the ground violently then sombody sticks their knee in the back of his neck until he asphixiates. That would be another reason not to hang around white cops at a heightened state of "engagement" as a black person. The wild west was two hundred years ago and still present - its only seemingly in some respects one step on from string-em-up at the first opportunity.

If my perception, inferences and thoughts are way off the mark - well, all I can say is the US isn't doing itself any favours in preventing this viewpoint.


Lemon Quarter
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Re: USA: is it something in their water?


Postby bungeejumper » August 26th, 2020, 9:03 am

Seven bullets? Wouldn't a taser have taken him down just as effectively?

Positively my last word. Polite Discussions, here we come. :|


Lemon Half
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Re: USA: is it something in their water?


Postby redsturgeon » August 26th, 2020, 9:09 am

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