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Mr Hamilton's Gold Miners’ Q4’17 Fundamentals

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Mr Hamilton's Gold Miners’ Q4’17 Fundamentals


Postby schober » March 18th, 2018, 10:13 am

The everoptimistic Mr Hamilton has published his latest survey

" Gold Miners’ Q4’17 Fundamentals
Adam Hamilton March 16, 2018 4110 Words
The gold miners’ stocks remain deeply out of favor, trading at prices seen when gold was half or even a quarter of current levels. So many traders assume this small contrarian sector must be really struggling fundamentally. But ............................ more"

This table is of interest

Points to note
* Declining production of many majors
* AISC well below POG - 700 to 1000$/oz
* Cash costs ~600$/oz

Performance of GDX and GLD

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