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Stop bleating man...

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Stop bleating man...


Postby Beerpig » May 18th, 2018, 8:27 am

How Jack Wilshire has the gal to tweet about his disappointment in not being recalled to the England squad is beyond me.
How about staying fit, keeping out of trouble on and off the field and showing some form?
All he does when playing -as far as I can see -is he gets the ball, gets tackled, falls to the ground and looks at the ref.
I'm delighted he hasn't made the cut.
The last time he played for England they lost to Iceland.

I'm sorry OxChamberlain has been injured but Im not sorry he isn't going either.
And Joe Hart- let lets in far too many long range free kicks.

Forward line of Vardy, Kane and Sterling might get us to the second round.
However I don't expect any further.
Too many foreign players in the Prem keeping our youngsters from coming in.

PS I would take Ryan Sessinyon from Fulham.
Michel Owen went when he was 18.

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Re: Stop bleating man...


Postby Leothebear » May 18th, 2018, 12:14 pm

Agree about Wilshere.

As for the squad, it no longer has the weight of expectation on it. Whatever is does achieve will be a bonus.

As for the English support, presuming they're foolhardy enough to go to Russia, if they start singing 'Rule Britannia' or even 'God save the Queen', I'll be siding with the Russian thugs.

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