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HSBC going west?

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Re: HSBC going west?


Postby YeeWo » November 2nd, 2019, 7:58 pm

TahiPanasDua wrote:A word was put in my shell-like yesterday by a petit oiseaux in HSBC. It seems they are working on a new platform to be introduced next year. No details were given but that's already a lot to hear from a mere oiseaux...............HSBC's current site is frequently described as a clunker so surely we will get a much better offering.
I sincerely hope that HSBC take the opportunity to do this Properly. If you look at the amount of Money HL/AJ Bell are notionally worth, clearly HSBC's lack of online brokerage focus is costing Millions/Billions(?). It would be really Great, particularly given their history, if HSBC facilitated trades for UK based Investors in Markets beyond UK/US, Hongkong & Singapore listed stocks would be a start!! The SIPP offering is simply Non Existent as things stand, which cleary isn't good enough!!!

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